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Commissions on hold, READ FOR MORE INFO.

Posted by FidchellVore 4 months ago


Hello, everyone! Some of you might not know, but I plan on taking on the freelance life, and am closer than ever in achieving this. I will be leaving my job in a few months to work full time in providing content for you guys and building my worlds and characters. In this pursuit, I am planning on closing commissions for an indefinite amount of time, as I have also changed around Patreon tiers to harbor new rewards, including quest participation and private streams.

I will clarify more on what this entails and the new layouts of the reward tiers this upcoming month (with a picture!), and I would like to spend the time I have in June to prepare for this new system and to get myself ready for this new, huge alteration in lifestyle. I want to make the changes as soon as possible so that I know whether it's effective or not, which is why I'm discontinuing commissions for the time being. In July I will make the Patreon changes official, and quests will continue. I will also proceed to expand on my characters with more series down the road!

I'm very excited for this new development, and I hope you are too! If you'd like to start supporting me right away, feel free to peruse my Patreon and see if it's right for you:
Thank you, everybody, for your support! I never thought I would reach these heights, and your guys' love for my stories and characters fuels me to keep going. Look out for that Patreon overview picture coming out soon!
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Posted by SolidScale 4 months ago Report

Best of luck!

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Posted by somethingsomething2077 4 months ago Report

I hope it goes well

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Posted by reliuskaiser 4 months ago Report

Let's fucking gooo!

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Posted by JesseClark9 4 months ago Report


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Posted by MementoMori 4 months ago Report

From one artist to another, I wish you the best of luck Fidchell! I really hope everything goes well in your new pursuit, and I admire you for following your dreams like that! Good for you! :)

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