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Random||Silly Question||

Posted by xHeartlessMidnightx 8 days ago


hey, so after a random conversation I had in a discord server with a few friends of mine, I decided to do a silly little question thingie just to see if anyone is interested on seeing this, but, would anyone want to see some vore related stuff on the Werewolf version of Cecil?

Check out the version here if you're curious:

If I get a lot of Yes comments, I will draw it QwQ

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Posted by NagaRelic 8 days ago Report

Heck yes.

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Posted by Sylveon 8 days ago Report

Y e s

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Posted by DimensionalKitty 8 days ago Report

duh and absolute yes

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Posted by Sylveon 6 days ago Report

Y e

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Posted by BrokenBees 8 days ago Report

hell yeah I would!

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