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So Hey... :-)

Posted by Killboo 3 days ago


I just want to apologize for my last journal I wrote. Thinking about it now, it kinda came across as desperate and I'm sorry about that, I'm just a little worried about my future. I'll probably make a ko-fi, for those that like to tip me, which you don't have to, but I'm just leaving it there in case any would. I'm glad that anyone following enjoys my art, maybe someday I'll understand what makes you guys like it.
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Posted by Predaking54 3 days ago Report

sometimes you dont need a reason to why to understand, just know you are doing a great job and are an amazing artist :)

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Posted by somethingsomething2077 3 days ago Report

Just you being yourself and doing what you like is why we like it, don't stress yourself, i know how you feel bro

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Posted by Icylobster3 3 days ago Report

Don't even trip, chocolate chip. It's all good. No need to apologize.

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