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possible dataloss on my end

Posted by Necromuncher 3 days ago


hey there,
so three days ago, poser caused a massive crash and disabled one of my hard drives.
Our (my friends and my) best guess is that poser somehow managed to scramble the
partition list / index / whatever on my HDD. Windows is able to detect the hard drive,
but is currently unable to read it. It asks me to "initiate" the drive, which will probably
be followed by formating the drive.
Since I don't want to lose all my data, I'm going to send the drive to a professional
data recovery company.

expect the next picture set to (hopefully) release next month.
this month, I won't be able to release anything. Maybe I'll find some old
test renders to upload for free, so you guys don't forget about me ;)
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Posted by Chaotiquos 3 days ago Report

Damn... Hoping for the best while preparing for the worst =/ Hang in there Necro !


Posted by Osiri 3 days ago Report

who is this? :p


Posted by tamanou 3 days ago Report

good luck!


Posted by Redtailedkitsune 2 days ago Report

Just do what you can, Necromuncher! Things like that happen-I still have to get a drive or two salvaged myself due to things going crazy. It's...weird, isn't it? Seems fine one minute, then something goes wrong and the whole thing just...yeah.


Posted by Necromuncher 2 days ago Report

yeah, one thing goes wrong and your whole week might be ruined. and the worst part: you don't even know how you could have prevented that.

in my case, i guess i just ran too much stuff at the same time; but what really irks me is that poser crashed to such a small thing... i was testing the updated lights in a scene inside a jungle and after like 20 different renders, i missed rendering a spot in one picture and just wanted to rerender it... BOOM pc-freeze and HDD crash.


Posted by Redtailedkitsune 2 days ago Report

Ouf, I see! I was helping set up a proxy server of a very old game (The original Ragnarok Online) and the data overflow...may be what did it? I still don't know yet. Around here data recovery is expensive.


Posted by KojiroTheWolf 14 hours ago Report

Hopefully all goes well on the data recovery part! Any sneak peak or telling of what will it be for the pack?


Posted by Necromuncher 13 hours ago Report

all i can tell right now is it's going to be a pirate-themed set and it's gonna be a two-parter