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Opening for a few sketch comms

Posted by Rufia 1 year ago


OK, I've been working on some larger projects behind the scenes, but in the mean time I'm opening up a few more mono/colour sketch commissions!

ALSO, for those familiar, I'm changing the way I handle commission slots.

Right now I've developed a bit of a backlog of people waiting for me to reopen and whilst ideally I'd like to get through everyone it's become more than I can reasonable keep up with or even keep track of, so I figure the next fairest way to try and handle things is to take on a bunch of proposals and pick out the ones that appeal to me most.

As such, please don't take it personally if I turn down your projects! If I had more time/arms I would no doubt love to get through them all!
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Posted by Meowsticdude 1 year ago Report

These prices are great, if I'd commission anyone it'd be you and I wish I could but I gotta save rn