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Prayers and Thoughts for lion Father

Posted by talonsaurn 11 years ago


Serious time here But the players been having some serious real life problems family wise, my fathers been diagnoised with mild Leukemia, and everything is happening so fast its real scary. This week especially when early in the week I found out he'd have to have chemo and eventually a marrow transplant, to this morning where I found out there going to have him in start Chemo Monday and keep him in the hospital for a month . At least its in one of the top cancer hospitals in the states and I guess there hurrying things up so they have the best chance at a cure. But it is beyond shocking my system..

will probally amend this later, as I get enough focus to write, talking about it is pretty hard so at least here i can foward people to it :cry:
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Posted by CanisLupisVulpe 11 years ago Report

I'm not much for prayers, but I do hope for the best outcome.

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Posted by Cougar 11 years ago Report

I wish your father well, and I wish you peace of mind.

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Posted by finalwords 11 years ago Report

my prayers go out to your father hope he gets well soon

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