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July 2021 Update

Posted by Metalforever 3 months ago


Hey everyone, I'm here with a small update for July. Seeing as my last one was way back in late January I'm overdue for another.

General News:

In general everything is going well, I received my first covid vaccine this morning and don't expect the symptoms to be a hinderance but the second shot in 3 weeks might present some. I'm going to get as big of a head start I can on all artwork this month to mitigate any time lost to potential fever, arm soreness or any other second dose side effects.

Commission status:

A lot of folks have asked me in the past ~6 months when I will reopen for colored sketch commissions and as of right now they are still closed. All that is left is one outstanding commission from last August to finish. After which I want to focus on personal artwork for maybe a few months with the free time I have between Patreon rewards. I have a lot of Pokegirl & Ember + Cinder ideas I want to draw.

I would also like to do art trades with mutuals this Autumn if I can, then after that I will consider when I can reopen commissions. I will have more information on commission prices and how I will offer them at that time.

That's about all for now, thank you for reading. I'll see you back here tomorrow with the public release of Aqua's sequence. Take care.
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Posted by Morphy 3 months ago Report

I got Pfizer two months ago, no symptoms other than feeling tired after the second dose. Easy peasy!

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