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New Projects, Starcross Comics, and more!

Posted by Starcrossing 3 months ago


Been awhile since I've updated this blog, so I figured I'd get things back up to speed.

As of writing this Starcross Chapter 2 is completely finished! Eventually it will be posted publicly, but if you'd ever like to stay up to date with my comics right as each new page gets completed (or just get access to chapters before they're fully released publicly) I encourage you to support my work on Patreon. The only reason I can dedicate any time to comics is because of the generous people over there!
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If you feel like I'm not as active as I used to be then you're probably not following me on Twitter! After Tumblr's exodus of NSFW artists years ago Twitter has been my go-to place to post little sketches, thoughts, comics, and teasers. Even if you're not signed up to the platform just bookmarking/occasionally checking out my profile will clue you into whatever project I'm currently immersed in.
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While my focus has shifted away from pin-ups and sketches in the past year and more into the realm of comics I still do update my original Patreon page as well. If you just want to give a set amount each month, as little as a dollar, to check out some commissioned sketches or see my pin-ups super early that's the place to do it.
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I've got some new comic ideas brewing at the moment, and I've already started thinking about Starcross Chapter 3 (though nothing's been written down yet), so there's lots more butt-centric content to come. I'm also currently thinking about better ways to release future chapters of Starcross, I don't think anyone, myself included, is a particularly big fan of waiting a year between announcement and release, so I'll be brainstorming ways to avoid that issue with upcoming chapters.

If you've made it this far I appreciate you sticking around, and I appreciate you all supporting my stuff, be it financially, by commenting here on Eka's Portal, by retweeting, or whatever! It all helps me out, so thank you guys for all your generosity and support!

Until next time!
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Posted by 676darkness 3 months ago Report

can"t wait.


Posted by scrumpy80 3 months ago Report

I must say, I'm enjoying the comics more than the pin ups now. I know they're a much larger project, but between the two, my opinion is that you should continue to dedicate more time to comics. Hopefully I can pledge and support you some time in the future!


Posted by Loonnyx 3 months ago Report

How long did it take you to make these chapters?


Posted by lepetitejane1111 3 months ago Report

I understand the wait your illustrations are amazing and the comics you do are quite long and with a good handling of characters it is natural that they are so time consuming, I just love all your work.