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Sketch Backlog YCH Commissions Open

Posted by Thorstone 2 weeks ago


Sooo, didn't really expect to take on more but, had this lil' idea. Given I draw almost daily, I have a TON of sketches that never get finished for one reason or another. And so I figured, why not do an YCH commission opening with them?
Given I'm currently on vacation, I might take it slow in doing them, just as a fyi

Commission prices/info:

List of sketches:

The rules are as follows:

-Have a look through the list and see which sketch you like. Then send me a note/DM with what sketch you want and what characters you want to fill the role(s).
-It's recommended that you pick multiple that interest you, as I pick the ones with the character choices I like the most. I will only pick one of your submissions however, and only one specific sketch per person.
-The roles can be either male or female, but if appears obvious what the intent of the sketch was, it's recommended to follow that intent to increase the odds of being picked.
-No major changes to size or shape, other than addition of wings/tails or boobs where applicable.
-There's a 5 USD discount since the base already comes pre-made. I prefer Linework Quick Shade or Full Shade commissions.
-You have until Sunday 25th to submit your commission inquiry. So as usual it's not first come first serve.
-Payment is taken AFTER a rough sketch is shown.
-Beyond this, commissions follows normal commission rules.

If you got any questions, ask away!
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