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Vacation time, Yo

Posted by MobiusTheIce 13 days ago


Greetings, everyone. Just wanted to warn that from the 23d of this month up until early August, I'll be away for my annual vacation with my friends. During this time, expect no posts at all, as it's my prime time to relax. Also, I appreciate and love most of the questions regarding commissions, I truly do, but, I'll have to ask you all if those can wait until I'm back, thank you very much.

I wish you all a good end of July, stay hydrated and safe!
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Posted by NewSuperTrios 13 days ago Report

Pretty cool, man. You do you.


Posted by SlickDratini 13 days ago Report

I wish you and your buds a very happy and safe vacation! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine! And you know who to send fun vaykay pictures to, if you want! ^O^


Posted by 676darkness 13 days ago Report



Posted by Pebbleroni 13 days ago Report

Have a great vaycay!