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Thanks for 100k Views! (Update)

Posted by Raiza 2 months ago


I wanted to say thanks for 100k views! I am currently moving. Thus I can't finish any writing for at least a month. The good news is, I should be a lot more productive after the move. I will be in a far less toxic environment than I am now and have a break from working for at least a good while. Still, I want to do something for 100k since it's really the first significant milestone I've reached. Thus, the story Bleach Finish Her, based on a picture done by Natsumemetalsonic, shall be posted publically. Likely as you're reading this. It was previously my first and only Patreon Exclusive story. So, I will have to write more or think of a different way to model it as I get more active. That's it for this update. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it!

My commission slots may start opening in time as well. However, I may be a bit picker with themes I'm willing to accept.
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