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Posted by Winny 2 months ago


Sorry, I've been in a bad headspace lately. I try to write, I, sorry. I'm sorry.
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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

It’s ok


Posted by AlexSama 2 months ago Report

Please take care of yourself and feel better when you can. Sometimes things suck but they don't stay that way.


Posted by EloquentOrc 2 months ago Report

I don't think you should feel bad or that writing is an obligation.
If you never posted another story, no problem. Then it will just be great we got the enjoyable stories from you that we did.
Of course we would love more stories, but only if writing them is something you enjoy. Speaking for myself, I say: take your time.
Those are my two cents anyway.


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

It’s not a problem man. You write when you feel like it.


Posted by martyr 2 months ago Report

You don't owe us anything. Please take care of yourself. Vent to friends you trust, if you need to. The fact that you're hurting is far more urgent than producing content.


Posted by saintheartwing 2 months ago Report

It's alright. We understand!


Posted by Cobbly 2 months ago Report



Posted by heromc 2 months ago Report

No sorry needed! Take care of yourself!

DisregardForLife is what gets us off, but it's not a mantra to follow!


Posted by wolfSnack 2 months ago Report

It's okay! This is never an obligation.


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Everyone, thank you. I know that everyone says that its fine that, that I don't have to write. But it still tears me apart on the inside, so many people talk to me about how much they love my content, how much they enjoy reading it. I just feel like I'm letting people down when I don't share more stuff, it really eats me up inside. I want to share more, but sometimes its just so hard. I don't want to let people down, specially not people that care about what I make, or care about me. Really you're all great, so great. Thank you everyone! I love you all.


Posted by AlexSama 2 months ago Report

I'm glad you came back for an update :)
People aren't going anywhere either, there is but one Winny. The one Winny is also as important as the art they produce as one cannot exist without the other. So take care of yourself, both are owed the same level of care!


Posted by chechico 2 months ago Report

Your health is way more important than forcing yourself to write


Posted by Xinoz2 2 months ago Report

Why are you apologising? You've done nothing wrong against us.


Posted by jellman 2 months ago Report

hey!, dont stress about us, write when and if you feel up to it, and not because we want it, but because you want to


Posted by techtician 2 months ago Report

Beh. Being in a better headspace is a priority for yourself. Don't worry about everyone here until you're ready.


Posted by Thebob 2 months ago Report

Take your time to get in a good headspace. Keeping yourself good is what is best.


Posted by MrPhoton 2 months ago Report

Hey, you look after you, the stories come when they come.