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Still on Quasi-Break + Upcoming Birthday

Posted by lutro 1 year ago


Hope everyone's having a safe and fun summer (or winter, to our friends in the southern hemisphere). I've been enjoying my long break, and finally got the single commission I had queued up since April. So now I'm free from the burden of commissions fully now. Guilt-free, that is.

I'm going to continue staying on break for a bit. Maaaybe I'll take a commission here and there, but I think I want to get some of my own stories written. One of which may or may not be inspired by a recent New Pokémon Snap update (no promises but stay tuned!)

This could change on a whim, but being queue-free is nice. (And for those that aren't aware - this is only a hobby for me, not something my livelihood depends on). Part of this continued break is because my birthday is this month (17th) and I'd like to go into it free from stuff to do!
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Posted by Chaosborn 1 year ago Report

Good on you enjoy yourself