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Worldbuilding and Vore logic

Posted by CoolKaios 1 month ago


Hey all.
So I've been brainstorming my own little vore baised world. I feel that having a narrative to go with illustrations really helps with the immersion and the overall enjoyment of a piece. I notice that alot of artists on the site (so far that im aware) have rather "episodic" works. So kind of like a "one and done" kind of idea. I notice however some of my favorite content are the comics, sequences and any piece with an overall plot.

So I've been kind of thinking up a little vore world with characters, and backstories and lore and all those goodies. Of course, you'll still see the "One off" kind of illustrations, more often than not I might add, but i feel that some cohesion really goes a long way.

Im still ironing out the kinks in the idea but would like to know how receptive my viewers would be to such an idea.

Oh in case it isn't obvious my "mascot" for the World would be "Nimune". Think of her like Karbo's "Crisis". She would be one of the central figures of the world and other characters would branch from her.

Anywho those were just some quick thoughts....

Have a great day~
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