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Something I need to talk about... really.

Posted by Mark45 1 month ago


For context, it is related to a conversation I just had recently on, but I'd like to ask it here too.

I know the subject might be unimportant, but it hightlights a sentimment I have never encountered before, and I would like to know what you think about it.

So, I recently had a bit of an issue with someone. I won't mention who, this isn't me trying to settle a score or anything, I would just like to discuss about what they said, because it is getting a bit on my nerves.

I don't expect them to ever read this, but if they do, good on them.

So what happened is I recently asked someone if I could borrow their oc, and they answered me with very nice and colourful things such as :

- That I was "a weirdo", which, I feel, might be a bit out of place to say, but ok;

- That I "steal ocs" because mine is "too boring" by my "own admission";

Ignoring the fact that this kind response was unexpected and totally unnecessary in my humble and honest opinion. I would like to know what do you think of these points.

I'd also like to mention a few things :

- I ALWAYS ask people before borrowing their ocs and make sure to respect them. Does that still count as "stealing"?

- The reason I borrow ocs is because I usually like them and would like to see more content, or, at the very least, a specific type of content, done with them, is there something wrong with that?

- Also, why should I create an oc if the end goal is just to copy another one? Why not just ask the owner and give them an opportunity to get more content with the said character? Or am I seeing things the wrong way?

- My oc is more of a swiss army knife type of character that I can use in situations where I do not have other options or where another complex character isn't required. I guess that does makes him a featurless and bland, but is it actually wrong? I should also mention I do not use him in every commission.

- I have never had any issues on other websites with this practice. Is it somehow forbidden on furaffinity? Or are people there more reluctant about this?

If you made it to the end, thank you very much. And don't hesitate to tell me what you think of this, I would definitely appreciate to read your thoughts on that.
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Posted by Hereforvore 1 month ago Report

It's not like you just used them, I see no issue with asking permission, if anything its a complement to your OC, and you can always say no.

I personally got a nice surprise the couple of times people have asked, its basically someone saying "I really like what youve done"

Straight up mean to call another persons OCs boring, even if theyve said it. I might call myself something, doesnt mean its free for everyone to call me.

P.S. Feel free to use my OCs whenever you want, as long as you mention me and stick me and them in the tags :D


Posted by AtomicDahlia 1 month ago Report

I think it’s fine to at least ask especially if you make it known you’re borrowing the oc and give credit to the artist. I think what they said is pretty harsh. You’re free to use my OCs if you give credit :D


Posted by Plgc 1 month ago Report

You were being considerate and giving. They were being shallow, rude, and selfish. Illegitimi non carborundum, my friend


Posted by Corona29 1 month ago Report

I see no problem with someone asking. And the only answers are either yes or no. I have a few characters of my own (I've adopted them all but I have full ownership to do whatever I like) and even thought I haven't uploaded them if you're interested I can send you pics and if you like them you can use them as long as you give credit for my characters