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Chocola costume ideas (for RPG)

Posted by CarnivorousVixen 1 month ago


Wanna have unlockable costumes for Chocola to wear, I have a Rabid Skull costume for her (which I think she looks quite good in), but it'd be pretty helpful to get some ideas of what you guys would like to see Chocola in, so if you have any ideas toss em at me
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Posted by Ghakle 1 month ago Report

Ribbon minimalist coverage outfit
Maid outfit
Robo bun with choco-plating
Carrot cake cloak
pixelated further
tribal outfit
leotard outfit
Vampire bunny
Mummy bunny
Eskimo Bun

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Posted by Catvs 1 month ago Report

Here's a few ideas.
Business suit and skirt.
Nurse outfit.
Construction outfit.
Pizza delivery uniform.
Vault suit (Fallout Series).
Wedding dress.

And a few idea I agree with from Ghakle.
Maid outfit.
Robo Bun.
Tribal outfit.
Platemail armor.
Vampire / Mummy (and my own added Zombie) outfits.

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Posted by Stelos 1 month ago Report

Hmmmm... I think a cop outfit would be fun, maybe a silly popstar getup too.

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Posted by 676darkness 1 month ago Report

Punk rock bunny costume wirmth wrist pands and spike choker.

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Posted by VexerHoodie 1 month ago Report

How about:

"Judy Hopps" police costume

Monster's Bride (Bride of Frankenstein)

Mae, Bea, Lori, Bombshell, or any other NITW character

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 1 or 3's costume, considering their iconic status)

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Posted by VexerHoodie 1 month ago Report

Here's an idea: Gameboy sprite Chocola!

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Posted by Mushroomfly 1 month ago Report

Okuzaki outfit (I think she had one in previous entries?)
Cat outfit

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Posted by Leika 1 month ago Report

"Classic" Chocola (by which I mean 90% boobs instead of only 60% boobs)

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Posted by TarenGe 1 month ago Report

My suggestions:
Skeleton chocola
Zombie chocola
Slimy chocola (like she just got coughed up)
Robo chocola
Possibly chocola as another species (cat, wolf, dingo kangaroo, fox, etc.)
Space suit chocola
Hologram chocola (blue and see through)
And maybe a chocola with a Vore belly that squirms as she walks

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Posted by Vaporwave 1 month ago Report

Maybe some costumes from significant prey she's devoured?

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Posted by rbrdiesel 1 month ago Report

well, i don't see these yet, which is surprising:
birthday suit (nude)
panties only
lacey lingerie

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Posted by TunaCans 1 month ago Report

"Tune Squad" Jersey
Rouge the bat's outfit
Morrigan from MVC?
"Im with stupid" shirt with the arrow pointing down

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Posted by haas200 1 month ago Report

maybe a costume that changes chocola into vanilla flavor, or strawberry

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Posted by Vearos 4 weeks ago Report

I know this is boring of me to say- but I was just super happy to have a red version of her outfit in chapter 1!

maybe there could be a 'fantasy outfit' found off some cosplayer reference or something.

only cus I like loincloths and tribal/fantasy armour~ and the games got dem RPG elements in it

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Posted by ThisUserIsFake 4 weeks ago Report

Witch outfit. Gotta have a witch outfit. The witch in Episode 2 was so cute.

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Posted by YamiTakashi 9 days ago Report

mabye like a full body costume similier look of "Blood Bunny" owo goth touch could be quite the look for her x3 and wel..... paper chocola and mabye a more adult take on "Hat Kid" clothes for chocola x3

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Posted by YamiTakashi 3 days ago Report

.... oh a other silly yet mabye be quite the random idea of suit/costume idea o3o Chocola take on a busty rabbit take on one of the robots from mystery science theater 3000 lol x3 mabye be way to hard to do though... :P mabye not i don´t know x3

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