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The Killing Game, other projects, Ko-fi, impending gallery cleanup, and almost 10 years

Posted by CharlieC 8 days ago


So, I've got a few things to talk about!

The Killing Game
Firstly, the story that's getting me back into writing is still going strong, albeit unnoticed. The characters I've created for this story have kickstarted my imagination well enough that I just can't stop writing this -- I perpetually have at least two more uploads ready to go, sitting in backlog as a buffer in case I hit a slow period. And since I just uploaded the "Daily Life" half of Chapter 1 to this site yesterday, it seems like the time to ask if anybody here has been reading it, what they think, and if they have any other (non-canon) requests for the characters? I do want to reuse these characters in other things upon the conclusion of this story, so I'd like to hear some ideas now.

Speaking of those characters, visual references are on the way! I have some drawn up for four of them so far, but I'm waiting for the full cast to be drawn before I upload them. For this site, to avoid putting too much more non-vore content in my gallery, I'm debating doing one upload as a group cast photo, but I'm also considering individual uploads for each character that will allow me to give a bit more information on them. Let me know which one you think you'd prefer to see!

Other Projects
Thanks to The Killing Game, I want to write other things! The most immediate example being "Cooking With The Mons", which I can't believe I mentioned as being a work-in-progress nearly a FULL YEAR ago. Yikes.

I do still want to continue the long-neglected Population Control Act reboot, "Who We Were", but I'm not going to tackle a long-term project like that until I complete The Killing Game. Any other stories I write at the moment will be one-shots of varying length.

Aside from that, I have more pictures in my backlog that I intend to color and post, so I'm going to be doing that as well.

I have a Ko-fi now! I'm only going to be posting the link on NEW content that I write, not older work. But if anybody wants to throw me a little support (even if it's only a dollar), I'll include the link in this blog post as well. Bear in mind that I'm NOT putting anything behind a paywall, nor do I intend to. This Ko-fi, hopefully, helps me to do that.

Gallery Cleanup
The time has come to trim a little bit of the fat. Mainly this is targeted towards old works that I don't intend to continue for varying reasons, and I'll name them here, so anybody who wants to has plenty of warning to back them up.

Charlie - Not the character, but rather the self-titled story. To put it bluntly, I simply have no intention of ever continuing to write this, and I feel like leaving the two parts in my gallery is just getting peoples' hopes up that it will someday continue. But more importantly, it just doesn't fit with the character's canon at all anymore. So unfortunately, this will be removed from my gallery.

Inner Child - I had lofty ambitions for this story, but after nine years, I don't remember what those were anymore. I wouldn't mind revisiting the concept (or at least the characters) at some point, but that would have to be in the form of an entirely new, rebooted story rather than continuing off of this.

The Tiger and The Wolf - This one is also leaving the gallery. It's just another one that I don't have any interest in continuing. I do in fact have something else planned for the character of Patrick, but it's not going to continue off of this.

Other than that, it's just going to be general clean-up. I don't plan on removing any more actual stories (the one-shots, gifts, and collaborations aren't going anywhere, and neither is PCA) but there is still a bit of unnecessary clutter -- don't worry, it's nothing that will be missed at all.

Thanks for (almost) 10 years!
It's hard to believe that I've been on the site this long. In just a few months, I'll have hit a full decade on Eka's Portal, and I've made some genuine friends here whom I can't imagine not knowing. There are still some of you that I'd love to know better, and some of you that I've lost contact with over the years and would love to pick back up where we left off, if you're willing. And of course, anybody reading this who would like to send me a PM, please do so! I don't (always) bite!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking with me over all this time, even through my long, long, long, LONG periods of inactivity. I'm looking forward to another ten years!
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