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Looking towards the future

Posted by Niku 1 month ago


I've mentioned this on patreon but I wanted to mention this to everyone. Sometime next year I will be going on a hiatus of sorts, I don't know when nor do I know how long I'll be on hiatus for, could be a few months, could be a year. The thing is, I can feel myself burning out. This year marks the 10th year I've been taking drawing more seriously and I thought I would have improved more by now. That and as I get older I feel the need to approach my own life differently. I want to make sure I'm enjoying doing what I do rather than go through the motions. I can feel the fun slipping away and I don't want that to happen. This hiatus would be from almost all paid work and collabs which I will also be putting on pause when the hiatus happens. I might still do art packs that I've been a part of but even then I just need a break from paid content. Not only that, I want to work on my own thing for a while. that means improving privately, not posting for a while and just getting my life together. Also creating things without the pressure of it needing to be approved by anyone besides myself. I wanted to announce it for a while but I didn't know how to put it into words. That being said, the rest of this year I will be doing my best to finish all projects I'm working on so there aren't any loose ends. That includes the series comics along with some other things I have going on. Once those are all done, I'll be on hiatus. Like I said, this is for next year, not now.
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Posted by Fimbulvinter 1 month ago Report

Good luck with the break. I hope you find the rest or spark you are looking for, but just know that there are plenty of us who still love your work as it is.


Posted by thas 1 month ago Report

take a good rest, i love your art and i would hate if you'd burn out


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago Report

I wish you luck with your rest bud


Posted by lunchymunchies 13 days ago Report

Well, that's nice. I finally decide to commission you, and I miss the opportunity because I'm not following you, and there will be no next time because then this happens. Perfect. I sure wish I could've known at the time that that would be my only chance. I sure wish I could stop being punished for not being psychic.