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Twitter Update (^. .^) thanks sweeties!

Posted by Umiriko 1 month ago


Hey sweeties,

Thanks so much to everyone for the support and advice. It seems the account has now been suspended so justice has been delivered (^. .^) I didn't have any luck with the impersonating route alas but thankfully they were in serious breach of Creative Commons copyright so I was able to go down that route.

So many thanks again and yes I am now OFFICIALLY on Twitter, have to see how well I get on with it for updating my silly durg thoughts and findings. Feel free to watch me there if you like and if you have any channels you think I should watch please feel free to share <3

Stay scrumptious everyone and nibble you soon, more art uploading soon!
Umi x
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Posted by Drazelleverse 1 month ago Report

*does the dragon a follow!!!*

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