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Posted by LucifersChef 1 month ago


I just updated Making Art Out of Jocks with some typo fixes, mixed up a character with another at one point, and also used the wrong pronouns for Jet in one place. As you might've noticed, that story was my experiment with writing a nonbinary (they/them) character as the MC.

Sorry there haven't been many stories out of me. This month has been hecctic. As always, sent me your story ideas and I might find one really gets my motor going. I love hearing you guys creativity.

I'd particularly love to know if there is a story of mine you'd really like a sequel too or a character you'd like to see again.
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Posted by middleground 1 month ago Report

Ooh, so many! Another visit to the transformative BDSM club, or Mr K's class, another evening with your character from CamGuys, or a continuation to the landscaping goes wild story!


Posted by Mouthful 1 month ago Report

I will never say no to Foodinator stories and I'd also love to see Karl shooting up more juiced neighborhood boys.


Posted by ThisisHalloween239 4 weeks ago Report

I'd personally love to see a sequel to the Killr story. I like the concept of it and feel it could make a fun anthology type series.