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October Story Voting

Posted by Thatfriendlyguy 11 months ago


Hello there!

Back again, with some other exciting news. Thanks to all those that did the poll I posted in the previous journal, I am happy to announce a free story! Voted by the audience, given the options that I've thought of. Ranging differently from one another, to give some variety in options. Obviously I won't be doing all of them. However, I will be doing 2 of the highest-voted stories. The second just might be done post-halloween. But I'm sure you all won't mind~

Besides that, down below will be the options to choose from below. They will list the main kinks involved, and a description below. There will be another poll link down below. These are just basic plot points, and may be further enhanced later on in the future.

PREY POV: Going through one strange fleshy haunted house (Oral Vore, Full tour, Endo)
Would have the reader going through a haunted-house. Coming to quickly find it's a lot fleshier than before.

Kobold's dirty trick or treat (Scat-eating. Lewdly wholesome)
A kobold, and their master, go trick-or-treating with the fellow dragons! Plenty of scat-eating, Anal/Oral Vore

Dentist and patient costumes trick or treating (Wholesome. Mawplay, possible vore)
Macro / Micro cosplay. The patient, and the doctor taking care of their teeth. Cute trick-or-treating, with mawplay added in

Halloween party gone wrong: Fat furs / stuffing. plenty of oral vore
A simple halloween party, turned voracious. As one party members, decides candy isn't enough to fill their stomach.

Trick or treating in the wrong part of the woods ( Oral / Dirty Anal Vore. Digestion / Disposal )
Two trick or treaters try trick-or-treating in the darker parts of the woods, as a dare. It ends horribly, with noms/disposal

I will be picking the first winner of the pole, by the 14th. While the second winner will be selected on the 31st. So the poll will be open all month long, for folks that would like to participate.

With all that said, here's the poll link. Use it twice to get your two votes. :

Other than that, I do hope you all have a good rest of your day / night!
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