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1000 viewers

Posted by Mrhidden119 2 years ago


I was honestly debating about writing a post about this, but hello and welcome. So I see that at least nearly a thousand people have decided to take a look at my profile page and a few of you decided to watch. I'm honestly somewhat flattered, and all I feel like I can really say is, thank you. I guess I need a change in name since I guess I'm not as hidden anymore. Bad jokes aside I must admit that I'm honestly surprised that this many people decided to come and see my profile.

I can't help but feel surprised as I type this but again, I was not expecting any of this. I figured maybe at least ten people would view my profile but naw there's a thousand of y'all. My only questions are how did you all get here? Where did you all come from?

Moving on, I'll be happy to answer any questions, in the comments or PMs. Note that I'm generally a bit busy lately so it might take me a minute to respond but I'll try to get back as soon as possible.

Well I'll quit my ramblings now and get back to my work. You all have a good one and enjoy.
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