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Story Time!

Posted by rika 8 days ago


Yo, a good friend  Belloc of mine wrote a story sorta based on my last sequence (diaper disposal and Sonic OC warning). If that's your sorta thing, go check him out! I swear, he's one of the best writers on this site, he deserves the attention and I couldn't be happier with him using one of my OCs in his work. He really has a knack for writing belivable characters that, imo, could fit in the Sonic Universe (particularly the Archie Comics one). Put more work into my OC's personality than I did, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, check it out (here's the link again )!
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Posted by Shoelace 7 days ago Report

Nice one :) thanks for sharing the link <3

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Posted by rika 6 days ago Report

No problem~

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