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Life Update

Posted by raigekink 8 days ago


Holy mother of crap that was one hell of a break! ._. A lot happened but here's shortened version.

-Laptop was buried under mountain of bags and boxes from the move, just now got it back up and running.
-Been having to move pretty much everything around on my own (fun)
-Panic disorder is pretty much under control thanks to the dr adjusting my dosage.
-Got covid vaccine. Had poopy reaction. Wound up in ER. Not fun. Better now.
-Apparently I've been asthmatic and nobody bothered to listen to me bitch about how hard exercising is and shortness of breath issues before my current dr??
-Have an inhaler now and holy God is it a life changer. (i seriously love my Dr, idc that i moved 45 minutes away i'm still going to see her lol)
-There has been progress with the comics! More on that soon.
-Seriously thank you all for the patience. Lowkey dreaded posting this cause i thought there'd be a lotta PO'd ppl about the lack of progress. Whew. Glad that isnt the case!
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Posted by doomed 8 days ago Report

The inhaler is a universal room that really should be prescribed more often lol


Posted by raigekink 8 days ago Report

It freaking is. I didn't realize how awful and how much suffering i was going through until i actually used it