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Posted by iasiney 9 months ago


I am here because I wish to locate somethin' to "tickle my fancy" if you know what I mean. I'm in a mood.

Therein I am now bullshatting of what is happeninining to me here now.

Much hast happened. I am so officially breaking my general social media fast (not entirely a fast because I have popped onto facebook rarely and youtube is social media and I have a youtube premium subscription).

Anyways... anyways... so why I am here is that I was set to visit my sister this christmas and a week before it I started to come down with sore throat. Then cough, then fever, then fah.

I haven't had such abrupt loss of taste and smell in my life. Maybe my energy is generally down but I am in isolation so yes I got covid.

Before that I was working on this:

I am now on Pokemon Silver and Watching Critical Role. I did do my first DND session a few months ago. I adopted two guinea pigs this past october. They are silly little ladies. As I type this up they are running around and being the noisy, tipped one of their hideys over again.

Hopefully I shall be able to get tested negative when I get out of quarantine on the 23rd so I don't have to miss work and maybe my holiday pay.

Merry christmas. Uhm. Belly rubs all around to those who would accept them from me right nao. Yeah right. Real friends give belly rubs. Errr or not. Hah ha.
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