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Posted by Mrhidden119 1 year ago


So first off thank you all so much to everyone who decided to take a look over this direction, and an extra thank you to all of you who decided to watch me, which I can assume is mostly from the interactive. Which I would also like to say thank you everyone for giving a read.

Now I will say things have been getting more and more busier with some personal things in my life but I will certainly try to continue the interactive to the best of my abilities.

Though I must ask if there's anything you would all like for me to work on. Such as a specific ark of choices or should I just continue with what I am doing?
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Posted by Voytsik 1 year ago Report

I like many paths. Could you write something in sleeping theme? There were some pages, when mc returns to his house late. Mc can find his family or other people sleeping and try to vore or be vored by them. Maybe add some accidental or unaware situations. Even sleepwalking can be here.
For me, I do like everything with mc's children and pregnant women. I see dates as another topic to wait. Cinema, park, museum, aqua park and other places. I'm fan of human vore, so animals aren't my thing to like, but I can read it though.

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Posted by Mrhidden119 1 year ago Report

Those honestly sound like fun ideas, I'll see what I can do. I'll probably need some time to see how I could put it in. I can't promise it'll be great but I hope it's a fun read at least. Also thank you for the ideas and input.

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