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Important Status update

Posted by Bellymuffin 6 months ago


Hello everyone, i just wanted to say that i won't upload any longer and will delety my account for good.
Thank you for enjoying but i can't physically do this anymore and don't want my account to stay active.
sorry for the inconvenience but i don't want to talk about why i decided to dissappear forever... it's too complicated -_-
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Posted by Cawzrs6 6 months ago Report

WHAT?! But you have such cute artwork and just seeing it all go away is just, upsetting. Really upsetting if I'm being honest.


Posted by CaptainElusive 6 months ago Report

I am really sad to hear it. Though I really do wish you the best of luck. Please take good care of yourself.


Posted by ProudVWriter 6 months ago Report

Goodbye. Stay safe.


Posted by BlossomDancer 6 months ago Report

Well, farewell. Shame to see you go away. Best of luck to ya!


Posted by KheraTheWolf 6 months ago Report

That's really a shame to hear, I hope everything is ok and I will miss you and your art.


Posted by Robotdocter 6 months ago Report

:c its really sad that this is happening and im sorry about whatever made you decide to do this :c


Posted by Lonewolf 6 months ago Report

Your artwork is unique and wonderful. We are sad to see you go. I hope you find peace in your life.


Posted by theunknownspy 6 months ago Report

Damn, another one of my favorites leaving this site.

But I respect your choice. Farewell friend.


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 6 months ago Report

dang, sad to see ya go. Just wanted you to know you are one of my favorites!


Posted by JeebyHeebies 6 months ago Report

I'm really sorry to hear that, but it would be nice to at least leave the art up


Posted by Kiono 6 months ago Report

Wishing you well, and I hope things aren't too bad for you right now.


Posted by kdzwitz 6 months ago Report

before you leave if you ever read this or read anyone else's comment, from me i want to say thank you for such cute art and safe vore stuff. I know there are many more safe vore art but yours are also great. I have been waiting for 5 months to see your latest update but you actually decided to do farewell to all of your watchers.
I hope ur doing great from now on


Posted by Zetarique 6 months ago Report

This is so terrible, but I respect your decision in any way.
Thank you for letting us know! Your art is amazing and your gallery has stunning pics. You will be missed here <3

Take care and stay safe!


Posted by Pebbleroni 6 months ago Report

Godspeed mate


Posted by MrSemechki 6 months ago Report

Best of Luck to you, good Friend of ours.


Posted by spicysaucego 6 months ago Report

Aww damn... I was really starting to like your content. Best of luck with what you want to do, I wish you well. :)


Posted by CLIPSE22 6 months ago Report

It's a real disgrace that you're leaving, I love your art, I always expected new things from you, I just thought you took your time to create it, I rarely comment on messages to authors, but if it's in my favorites, even if it's 1, it's because It's great, at this moment I don't remember if all your art is in my favorites by multiple accounts so I'm not sure, but I went long, the point is, it's a real shame that you leave and even worse that your art disappears T_T but it is your decision, good luck in everything you do, I hope that in the future you will create these arts again


Posted by notyobeeswax 6 months ago Report

I hope you come back


Posted by notyobeeswax 6 months ago Report

Don’t do this it may be bad now but don’t give up hope


Posted by Dogedude 4 months ago Report

Dang I didnt see this till I started looking for you, its a shame you're leaving but I want the thank you for the beautiful art you've drawn up until this point.


Posted by YrdJbKlq 4 months ago Report

So i guess we won’t see her ever again