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Summer Update! Commission Break Marches On

Posted by lutro 4 months ago


Hey all. Updates, uploads, and more have been sporadic lately I know. Just catching up on other hobbies of late that don't directly involve writing. More recently I've been on a reading tear, gobbling up books left and right. (There's a tip for any aspiring writers, or artists in general: Read! See how the literal professionals write! It's an invaluable thing you can do outside directly working on your craft!) I'm working my way through a reading queue over 20 books long, with more to add. Between that, other hobby time, and some decisions regarding purchasing commissions of my own, my writing commission availability remains on hiatus. I'm not retired for good by any means, but I have to admit it's been really nice not having to fret over a queue to complete, which interferes with personal writing I'd like to get done, among other things. I'm fortunate enough to do commissions as a hobby, not a livelihood.

The short version of all this is that commissions are on break until I feel like opening them up again. I don't know how long that'll be or what will occur when I re-open (in terms of what I'll accept), but in the interim I hope to publish some more personal things. These aren't anything grandiose, just stories I'd like to see told. There will be more character introductions in my "Introducing" collection, along with tales that take place in Lutro's PMD canon (the first installment of which is mostly written, and "should" be published in the coming days/weeks) in more bite-sized formats. Overall expect random short stories like the one I published today.

Hope everyone's having a good summer (or winter, for those in the southern hemisphere) and are staying happy, healthy, and safe.
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