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A simple yet peacefull message

Posted by smog1 2 months ago


To those of you who do not like the underage milf/older woman x young boy/teen boy art I post, or who are just uncomfortable at my lewd drawing; I do apologize and you do not have to look at my stuff. You can simply ignore it or there is some kind of filter system on here in the settings.

If you are uncomfortable with age difference sexual romantic content, thats fine. We all have our tastes.

To the rest, I thank you for the comments and positivity you give me.

(No one has sent me any bad messages. No one has made a negative or hurftul comment. I am just typing this as a general rule and a small reminder. We all have our likes and our dislikes. I just really like romantic older women x young boy lewd romance stuff. Simple)
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Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Continue staying lovely Smog! No one should ever yuck someones yum! <3 continue being awesome! Mucho love hun.

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Posted by brandon14 2 months ago Report

This message... is a fact.

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Posted by 676darkness 2 months ago Report

Your arts amazing. Pay the negativity no mind, like the ancient saying goes "Haters gonna Hate".

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Posted by Wheatmemes1717 2 months ago Report

If you don't like my borderline illegal art just ignore it!!!!!1

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