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Update time

Posted by makaylatriplett14 2 months ago


Sorry i haven't been active much, motivation sure knows when to leave huh?
Heres some updates!

Real life: nothing new, however in August i will be going back to school so expect minimal uploads

Art and story wise: miivoreia and highschool of death still have planned stories. Planning on officially introduceing the rest of needles coworks (already got ashley micheal karma scarf and chris done. 2 more to go weee)

I plan on explaining some things about makayla as well as the a.u. im also currently planning on making
A vore based pet, unless i find the idea is already taken but who thinks as slimes for pets?

Thats about it, roleplays are still open. In other news im also working on a non vore based book called "betrayal in friendship" on wattpad. Go check it out! Good day/night and have a kiwi! (Dunno if emojis work since im assuming most of are on a laptop or computer but i do indeed have a kiwi emoji at the end of this) ????
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