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Another Update

Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 2 months ago


Hello people of Eka’s. As the much beloved 8/8 is rapidly approaching, and I will soon afterwards become very busy with matters outside of Eka’s, I promise to be productive this month. I have a story I made as a break from more serious projects, combining the suggestion of several peers and incorporating some elements I enjoy but rarely see. I will upload that very soon. I also still intend to publish Chapter 5, only that it has been emotionally taxing to work on such large undertakings in the past few months. I believe I am in a good place to revisit it now, though. Finally, the collaboration project is still underway. Expect a sleu of uploads in August before possibly petering out in September. Thank you to all my readers for your continued interest and support.
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Posted by NightRoller 2 months ago Report

Completely forgot about 8/8, thanks for the reminder. Keep on improving yourself and your writing, as you do!