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Commissions Open

Posted by BronzeBanana 10 days ago


-rewrote some parts to better reflect how my process has changed, but no price changes

I will leave commissions open for the next 48 hours after posting this blog. During that time, you can send me your commission proposal (it doesn't have to be fully detailed yet) via PM. Slots are not filled based on who's first, so there is no rush.

After that time, I will allocate slots.
I'll let you know if you got a slot, and how soon I can get to your commission. I work on commissions in groups of 2-3 (depending on the total workload), and I will let you know how many commissions would come before yours. If you feel like you don't want to wait, you can just decline the slot at this point.

Once I start working on your commission, send me as much reference material as you think is necessary, especially if you have something specific in mind. Pose, lighting, background, body type, belly size and so on. Whatever you think is needed and don’t want to leave up to me.
Even if you don't feel any references are necessary, please respond to my message just so I know you’re aware that I’ll start working on your commission. If you haven’t replied after 24 hours I'll select someone else for that slot.

Currently, I have no set number of slots. The number of commission I'll take depends on the total combined workload I think I can handle for the month. In the interest of serving more people I will take a limited number of sequences however, but feel free to submit multiple ideas of varying sizes to increase your chances of getting a slot.

If I can't fit your commission into this month, I might offer you a slot for next month. This offer isn't binding so if by that time you're no longer interested in a commission, that's fine.

All prices are in EURO, so make sure to use a currency converter if you're using anything else. The price will be fully discussed and agreed on during the rough sketch stage.

Base Price: 60 EUR; includes 1 character (fully colored and shaded) with a simple background
Additional Character: 20-35 EUR; depends on how much of the character is shown
**Only head and shoulders visible (like for a stomach inside view, for example): 20 EUR
**About half of body shown (maybe standing behind a crotch-high wall): ~28 EUR
**Most of the character is visible: 35 EUR

EXAMPLES (pardon the repetitiveness)
A character with a large belly resting in a forest (60 EUR base)
A character with a large belly resting in a forest, with an inside view showing the head and shoulders of their prey (60 EUR base + 20 EUR for the inside view of prey)
A character with a large belly resting in a forest, with an inside view fully showing their prey (60 EUR base + 35 EUR for the inside view of prey)
Two characters with large bellies resting in a forest, with two inside views showing the head and shoulders of their prey (60 EUR base + 35 EUR for additional character, +20 EUR for inside view of prey, +20 EUR for inside view of prey; 135 EUR total)

Think of sequences as one large image, so every appearance of a character after the first will be 35 EUR for a full view. Also, every part of a sequence after the first costs an additional 10 EUR.

Part 1: Once character grabbing another character (60 EUR base + 35 EUR for additional character)
Part 2: Character with a large belly; an inside view of the stomach, showing the prey's head and shoulders (+10 EUR for second part of sequence; +35 EUR for the additional appearance of the pred; +20 EUR for inside view of prey)
Total: 160 EUR

By and large, backgrounds are free since I enjoy including them. I might charge extra if you want something very complex (like a cityscape), but the bar for that is pretty high.

Complex Designs
Characters with complex and very detailed designs may cost extra depending on the extra work involved, especially in sequences.

I will get back to you at various stages of the commission to make sure any necessary adjustments can be made as early as possible.

Roughs: mainly for pose, proportions, background composition and such; no character details yet.
Sketch: still rough, but will contain most aspects of the image so that decisions about changes and adjustments can be made.
Basic Colors: Character color and lighting schemes for characters and background. Last chance for adjustments.
Completion: Shading and overpainting

Payment will be in EUR and via Paypal invoice only (I will need your Paypal email address for that). Payment will be due once I have finished the sketch, before going into color.

If the commission involves someone else's OC, please have them contact me (a short message will do) after the commission has been approved.

Things I Won't Do
-Underage characters (no aging up either)
-Anything based directly on real people (including actors)

In addition, I reserve the right to refuse any idea for any reason.
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