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YCH Winners for 8/8!

Posted by Hozomat 10 days ago


Boy, these last 4 days were filled with notifications for me! From the moment I posted my YCH for vore day to the moment I closed it, I received approximately ONE HUNDRED character suggestions!

First off, thank you everyone for your participation!

It was very hard for me to choose the winners, since a lot of the submitted characters were very good. I had to narrow down the potential winners one by one with a lot of thought, and also perhaps some dice throws... But even then, There was still a bunch I couldn't eliminate; so eventually, I decided to select not one, not two, but EIGHT winners! Quite appropriate for 8/8, right? :p

And so, here are the winners:
Same-size YCH:
 Heartless' OC Valencia
 ChuunibyouYosha's OC Mitsuru
 Melissathevixen's OC Melissa
Thepatrolman2's OC Tormi on Deviantart

Giantess YCH:
 Lucid235's OC Hyogatsuki
 Moonlightshadow's OC Luna
 Meltlandi's OC Sumire
Darkshadow49's OC Kitsoru on Deviantart

Hopefully I'll manage to draw all eight of them in time for 8/8 ;v;


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Posted by Elpie 10 days ago Report

darn, i was hoping to get one of mine in. ah, well, better luck next time! ;)