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2022 Hiatus - Temporary I Swear

Posted by HungrySuccubus 6 days ago


Good morning all! I've gotten a breather from packing, so I figured I'd update everyone as to what's going on with me~

As of right now, I am on hiatus on FA, Eka's, and Twitter. This does not affect SubscribeStar or my discord server.
I will not be posting new art and I will not be taking new commissions until January 1st. I will try to answer any and all messages as I am available to do so.

I am (and will be) still active on SubscribeStar and in my discord server!
SubscribeStar is still my main focus, they get all of my finished art as soon as it's done.
Discord is a great secondary; I host flash sales and WIPs there, and tend to just mill about being weird. (Flash sales are pretty much the only way I'll be taking comms from now until January, and they're not posted outside of discord so if you want art that's the best way to get it.)

Current Commission Queue: Trello Board
Everything on that list is being worked on and scheduled from now until the end of the year. If you think you should be on that list and you don't see your name, please message me!

I will be missing the 1st of the month organization rush since I expect to be driving cross-country at that time. For Subscribers, that means that I will be unavailable to do the raffle drawing or to add up totals for banks. This will be done as soon as I am in my new place and have my work desk set up, probably sometime mid-to-late October.

I appreciate all patience and understanding during this time!

Life Update: I'm moving cross-country! I'm currently taking a break from cleaning and organizing, which is all I've done for the last 5 days. The moving box is loaded up and will be picked up today, and the house is set to close tomorrow, on the 23rd. (It got pushed back because the seller lost the fucking title and it takes 3 weeks to order a new one! I am pissed!!)
I expect that I'll be on the road by this time next week, and have a 5-day drive from Oregon to New York. I'll be in a compact hatchback with 2 dudes, 2 cats, and a dog, so everyone wish me luck! :')

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Posted by Morphy 6 days ago Report

Watch out for dysentery! :D

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