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Posted by Augustin 6 days ago


No new story tonight. I've run out.

In unrelated news, I've just received my first negative feedback at my new job. I've been there for less than two weeks. Who knows, maybe I'll be back to uploading frequently very soon.
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Posted by skorm 6 days ago Report

Hey don’t sweat the stories , the worlds in a strange place right now and a lot of peoples temperaments are high and patience short , I can’t tell ya how tight the leash is probably where you just started , it’s going to be bumpy . Dm me if ya need a ear always enjoy your creativity. Our generation hasn’t seen anything like this and the closest it has was nearly a over a hundred years or so ago


Posted by Augustin 5 days ago Report

I can always count on you for a clear head. Thank you. I may do just that.