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Quality vs Quantity

Posted by Voshine 11 days ago


Heya! Just want to know whether you would prefer shorter stories (1-3k) with near daily update schedule or longer ones (+5k ) but like twice or thrice a week. Oh and the 100k celebration story will be posted either today or tomorrow!
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Posted by Quartersnake 11 days ago Report

Normally I'd support shorter stories, but honestly, the quality of your works tends to leave me wanting more so that might be the better option here!


Posted by soyaEgg 11 days ago Report

Both are appealing, a mix of short and long would be nice~


Posted by MakCin 11 days ago Report

While quantity may increase how many stories you make, I’ll have to go with quality


Posted by Voshine 11 days ago Report

Very intresting takes, everyone. I will put it into consideration next time i post a story, thanks for the input (=