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Audience Check-In

Posted by fleshlord 11 months ago


Ello, ‘ello, hola! Ciao and bonjour! I suppose it's time for a bit of an update - with one of the 100 Watcher Special Requests finished, I've begun to chip away at the remaining two. In addition, I have my absurdly long backlog of WIPs that I've been working on, on and off, in accordance with my mood. You're probably gonna get one uploaded before the second request if all goes well, since I've made particularly good progress on it.

Besides that, I've been dealing with some rather... uh, complicated feelings about my own work lately. I've been worrying I've been diverging too much with my content to the point where there's no consistency with my content. So I've decided to ask:

What do you want to see more from me? Be they specific kinks or certain series, I'd like to hear what everyone's opinions are! It'd be a good opportunity to gauge what everyone would be interested in seeing from me in the future, and what I could focus on more.
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Posted by SomeGuyHere 11 months ago Report

Oh sweet, excited to see what you've been cooking up with the stories. No rush about them, though. Take your time!

And as for what I'd like to see? Hmm, well I'm not entirely too sure. I already adore your writing and what you've got done already. Perhaps some more variety on how the pred eats their prey and how they treat them? Maybe some breast vore? As said, not too sure. I just know I really love what you put out, haha.


Posted by fleshlord 11 months ago Report

Breast vore is one of the few alternative forms of vore I get a kick out of, so I'd definitely be down for experimenting with it sometime in the future. Especially with a real cow of a pred...

Thank you for your input, and for the kind words!


Posted by SomeGuyHere 11 months ago Report

Is that perhaps a promise of a Keine or Urumi breast vore thing? :eyes:

Jokes aside, it's pretty good! I'm a big fan of it myself as well.


Posted by thecursedside 11 months ago Report

Really love your Touhou work. Even if some of it is for characters that I don't necessarily follow that much, they're always a great read.
As for specific stuff, I'm personally partial to things like indigestion, mass vore, and unwilling pred in particular, if you ever get to those, I'd be eager to read it.
Love seeing more of your writing regardless of where you take it though, go at the pace you need to, always look forward to it!


Posted by fleshlord 11 months ago Report

You're in luck, because I'm very fond of all of those things! Indigestion and mass vore in particular are some of my weaknesses, so I'd love to give them a shot one day in a fic. Gotta love a pred that pushes their limits, for better or for worse.

Thank you for your input and the kind words!