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For those who play Splatoon 3 and more

Posted by YamiTakashi 7 days ago


i just wondering is the game worth buying? :3 i may feel like trying it soon mabye if its great :3

and for other things....

still searching for the last people to clam the spots for the latest wave oc asks :3

if you want to ask my main ocs.... i will allow the last 3 new people to ask.... "Or" if you already asked i allow you to do one more questiong for my main since CJ and Pizzapants have ask :3 (only for the main)

if you want to ask my pokemon ocs....

link here: 9 spots left for only those who have not ask anything yet ^^;

Like always filling up the spot will give those who join the chance to win rewards :3

thank you and have a lovely day
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Posted by BelowAverageCat 7 days ago Report

It's been a while since I've played it, but I still enjoyed Splat3.
Some gripes I have is that they still only have two stages per rotation, Nintendo internet is still Nintendo internet, and the EXP drink tickets buffs become worthless very fast because they only boost character level.

It mostly boils down to if you actually enjoy first/third person shooters

Talking about it now though makes want to boot it up again

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Posted by YamiTakashi 6 days ago Report

Ah okey thanks :3

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Posted by ABrinson27 6 days ago Report

There are a lot Fun things you can do in this third game. If you want to do casual gaming therefore is the thing for you. I shouldn't have to explain it since it's pretty obvious. Just ink as much area as you can to win. But if you're looking for a more challenging specific kind of Fun they actually do Have specific Kinds of modes you can do. They are a little more challenging since technical They are in rank. However it's not as challenging as actual series and not as risky. But if you're not looking to be competitive there is a Mode that Is open everyday called salmon run. Where you and 3 other people must gather these things called power eggs. While fighting off the salmon hoard.

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Posted by YamiTakashi 6 days ago Report

Ah i see :3 ok thanks for the heads up

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