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Incredible Filamentous Worm Vore Story #3 ( Happy Ending)

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Incredible Filamentous Worm Vore Story #3
Author: hongchen

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Chapter Title:
Incredible Worm Vore Story #3
The girl was engulfed in the worm's stomach and transformed into a convulsive toy during continuous orgasm


Looking at Xiao's graceful figure curve in worm's stomach.

At this time, Xuanyin's rationality was completely offline,his masturbation movements are also getting faster and faster.

The elastic worm skin perfectly outlines the contours of Xiao's slender and beautiful legs.Through a thin layer of flesh, he slowly stroked Xiao's leg

Its material is very tender and smooth, this tactile sensation is like caressing nylon stockings.

From the base of the thighs to the toes, the beautiful contours of Xiao's legs and feet are clearly highlighted, especially the toes that resemble fresh bamboo shoots, even the seams of the toes can be clearly seen.

He tentatively scratched the soles of her feet, and there seemed to be no sign of her waking up in the worm's stomach, just a slight movement of her small foot.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then turned his gaze to her delicate face imprisoned beneath the flesh of the worm.

Although there was a slight deformation under the compression of the worm's skin, she was still so beautiful that people felt suffocated.

No, it's not so much that Xiao is beautiful, it's more that the scene in front of him is so exciting that it can shock people's souls.

Although he was already in heat, he still restrained his desire and carefully observed Xiao's face inside the worm's body.

Xiao's eyes were open, but she seemed to have lost consciousness. If you look closer, you can see that there are many small pores on the surface of the worm's skin.

But if you don't observe them carefully, you can't even see them because they are much smaller than pinhole.

These pores should be the pores on the surface of the worm's body, with tens of millions of tiny pores that can ensure air entry and prevent the "food" in the worm's stomach from suffocating.

"What a thoughtful feature……" Xuanyin said, but his spirit seems to have become even more excited as a result.

His hand moved up again along Xiao's smooth thighs,Then when his hand approached her sunken crotch, you can see a thin layer of white pantyhose under the translucent worm skin,

Has been soaked in various unknown mixed liquids, presenting a unique color.

These are body fluids of the worm, her urine and lewd water.

He extended two fingers to caress between her buttocks and crotch, and as his fingers rested on her clitoris, her body wrapped in the worm's stomach trembled slightly.

Even if she falls into a state of unconsciousness due to orgasm and the effectiveness of anesthesia, her body will still respond instinctively.

Through the thin skin of the worm, it can be seen that there is a layer of mucus on the surface of Xiao's body, which should be the body fluid secreted by the worm.

It contains a large amount of aphrodisiac and anesthetic ingredients, which can amplify the sensitivity of "food" in the body by more than 30 times.

Of course, as stated in the manual, this bodily fluid is only effective for female "food".

He masturbated while pressing her pussy with his hand, he masturbated while pressing her pussy with his hand, and his fingers touched the bottom of the massage stick.


Although still in a state of unconsciousness, Xiao suddenly let out a dull moan and her body trembled for a moment.

He wasn't in a hurry to stimulate her because the real feast was still ahead.

Xiao's breasts became two oval shaped flesh balls due to the tight compression of the worm's skin. He reached out and grabbed them, but unfortunately, due to the compression of the flesh wall, they had already been flattened and only had a limited convex shape left.

Nevertheless, he still found what he wanted to find, which was Xiao's nipples.

He began to massage Xiao's nipples inside the worm's stomach, across the worm's skin.

"ummm♥♥……hmm♥♥!!! umm♥♥umm♥♥Mmmm!!!♥♥ahhhhh♥♥ummm♥♥♥yeeeeeee♥♥♥♥♥"

About three minutes later, Xiaoxiao finally couldn't hold on anymore.Beneath the tough skin of the worm, she screamed with excitement and enjoyment, and then her body began to twitch violently, as if experiencing another orgasm.

She did not immediately wake up during orgasm, but opened her eyes wide while losing consciousness, revealing a broken expression.

"Honey? Honey?" He tentatively called out to her, but did not receive a response from her. He could only hear the rapid and dull breathing sound coming from within the worm's body.

"Didn't wake up? It seems that the anesthetic hasn't disappeared yet." He said to himself, and then his hand touched Xiao's entire body in its stomach through the worm's skin.Including every corner of her body.

Actually, as his girlfriend, any part of her body has been touched and caressed by him.But in the current situation, her entire body was tightly wrapped and imprisoned by the worm's stomach, which was a completely unprecedented experience.

Of course he couldn't have missed this opportunity!

It's too stimulating and fantistic, too beautiful to made him feels suffocated!

It's like a perfect piece of art!

He looked at her intoxicated and infatuated, watching her beautiful body tightly wrapped in the worm's stomach and flesh, like a specially designed flesh cage for her.

He felt that his cock had swollen to the limit.

The tight wrapping sensation and the process like vacuum compression packaging have perfectly stimulated his sexual hobbies.He couldn't keep his composure at all.

He tried hard to soothe his emotions.
He tried to calm his emotions and then glanced at the timestamp on the nearby phone screen.

Only 15 minutes have passed.

He remembered the two implied precautions on the instruction manual again:

5.Danger reminder:The worm will begin to digest food about three hours after eating is completed.When the digestion process is starting, a large number of special biological enzymes in digestive fluid will effect the worm and make its pore/holes on its surface close.
Limiting by body size, only after digestion is complete, the worm will gradually and recover slowly.
So it's important to pay attention to the time it stays in its stomach.Avoid encountering unnecessary trouble.

6.Warning: If the worm begins to digest its food formally , even pouring emetic into the mouth cannot make the worm spit out food.
So if the digestion process is advanced due to incorrect time estimation, Please prepare three or more adult males in advance to assist you open the worm's mouth.

It means that after completely swallowing 'food', the worm will begin to digest its food after about three hours.

That is to say, for at least 3 hours before the digestion process begins, the food in the worm's stomach is safe.

As long as the timing is right, Xiao can stay in the worm's stomach for at least three hours!

"God……I must be crazy." Thinking of this, his breathing became a bit urgent.

What would be the feeling if he swapped roles with her and became Xiao, surrounded by the worm's stomach and nowhere to escape?

He feels hot and dry all over, after all, he is a veteran VORE enthusiast.

He not only enjoys watching others being swallowed, but also tries to empathize with their feelings himself. He prefers to immerse himself in the character and imagine that the person being swallowed is himself!

He glanced at the worm and the dawn in its stomach, and his inner flame grew stronger and stronger.

If possible, the next time he is willing to exchange positions with Xiao, he will enter the worm's stomach and let her watch him be swallowed.

"oh God……I'm so hot……" That exciting scene, just imagine it, he's on the verge of ejaculation.

It's really too pornographic!!

On the other hand, the second half of the fifth note seems to mean that if it exceeds 3 hours, the worm will initiate the digestion process. Many of the pores on its surface are gradually closed by special enzymes, similar to a one-way valve, which prevents air from entering the worm's body.

To put it another way, if the worm's food cannot escape from its stomach before it begins to digest, the pores on the surface of the worm's body will close, making it impossible for its stomach to enter air anymore.

So the 'food' trapped in its stomach will consume the remaining oxygen in a short period of time and quickly feel suffocated as a result!

Yes, suffocation.

He glanced at the worm again, to be precise, Xiao's body was wrapped in the worm's stomach, and the worm's flesh and stomach wall tightly pressed against every inch of her skin,making his breathing even more rapid.

At this moment, Xiao is like being wrapped in a transparent vacuum bag, which has compression function, making it impossible for Xiao inside to escape.

On the other hand, there are pores on the surface of the vacuum bag that can maintain Xiao's breathing, conveying oxygen into it, allowing Xiao to breathe even inside!

So, what if these pores close?

A strong sense of guilt and pleasure came to his mind.

He really enjoys watching Xiao suffocate, especially when he used to experience the vacuum bed with Xiao. He often mischievously blocked the ventilation holes of the vacuum bed, causing Xiao, who was tightly bound inside, to almost suffocate.

But every time after doing so, Xiao would slightly protest against his behavior, but he would not be angry with him.

In fact, Xiao also enjoys reaching orgasm in a state of confinement and suffocation.

Xiao's body is tightly wrapped and bound by the stomach and flesh of the worm, making it look very erotic and attractive.

As long as one thinks of this scene, even if his penis becomes soft, it will quickly regain its hardness.

He glanced at the time again and it should take Xiao some more time to wake up.

Above Xiao's head, the worm's mouthparts gradually closed, completely enveloping her delicious body in its stomach.

Now if you want to pry open its mouth, you either need to use blue emetic, or you need several men to help together.

It's impossible for her to escape from its stomach alone!

An evil idea is brewing in his heart.

…………Happy Ending Part…………

About 15 minutes later.

Xiao finally woke up from a coma, and the effect of anesthesia seemed to have disappeared.

The humanoid outline revealed by the worm's skin moved, and Xiao's body began to wriggle inside.

"Hmmm♥……ummm♥……Ummm??!! This……is……♥♥ummm……Hmmm!!What……the……♥♥H……Honey……♥♥Are you here?♥♥Hmmm……oh……Uhhhhhh♥♥♥"

Although the effect of the anesthetic has weakened slightly, the aphrodisiac components in the worm's body fluid continue to come into contact with her body and penetrate through her pores into her body.

Neurotoxins can increase the sensitivity of the skin they come into contact with by at least 30 times, so when Xiao wriggles, every inch of her skin is rubbed against the flesh walls inside the worm, and just one touch can bring her a very strong sense of pleasure.

The orgasm suddenly arrived.

"Hmmmm♥♥♥!!Uhhhhh♥♥Uhhhhhhhh♥♥♥♥♥OH yes!!!♥♥Ohhhhhhhh♥♥♥♥Uhhhhhh♥♥♥♥No~~~No please♥♥♥No coming♥♥ummmmm♥♥♥~~"

It was only a few seconds before she woke up, and she almost lost consciousness again due to orgasm.

"Hmmmm♥♥Mmmmm♥♥hahah♥♥Honey……Honey♥♥……Let♥……let me out♥♥You promised ♥♥let me♥♥Ohhhh no……♥NO please……again♥♥!!coming!!♥♥coming!!!♥♥♥♥yeeeeeeeeee♥♥♥"

Her body was tense and straight, but this time her entire body was in the worm's stomach, so the worm's body also changed as a result.

"Hmmmm♥♥Uhhhhh♥♥♥ummm♥♥Hahah♥Tired……♥♥♥ummm♥No……No coming again please……Hmmmm♥♥♥ummmm!!!!!♥♥♥♥ohhhhhhh!!!♥♥♥♥"

Her lustful cries emanated from the worm's body, sounding very erotic and lewd.

At this moment, he finally touched her forehead, although it was separated by a layer of worm skin, he smiled and said:

"Sure!! Don't worry baby! I will release you right now……"

But he paused for a moment and then continued:

"But you need to tell me how you feel inside it first, and then I can release you."

His tone is very relaxed, but in fact, the smile on his face is very evil.

Her gaze was blocked by the flesh of the worm, and she couldn't see his expression clearly, so she naively believed him.

"Ha♥♥Ummmm♥♥Inside……it's so crowded♥♥too hot♥♥ummm♥♥Mmmmm♥♥I can breath♥♥♥But ♥♥♥I feel a little uncomfortable ♥♥no ♥it's not uncomfortable ♥♥it's too tight!!♥♥I can't move anymore!!♥♥Ohhhh♥♥ too tight ♥♥♥inside♥♥Something is being secreted inside ♥♥♥Liquid♥♥viscous liquid♥♥All the flesh walls are tight ♥♥ They oppress my whole body♥♥ummmm♥♥I can't move♥♥moving area is limited♥♥ummmm!!!!♥♥♥Ohhhhh!!!♥♥♥coming!!♥♥coming again!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"

Her voice was intermittent, as if every word she uttered would experience a strong orgasm, and her whole body was convulsing uncontrollably.

It sounds like she really enjoys this feeling, enjoying being in the worm's stomach and experiencing this continuous orgasm.

Xuanyin laughed, and continued:

"I saw it……hmmmm……honey……would you mind staying at it's stomach for a little longer?"

"Hmmmm♥♥♥Oh yeah♥♥Ummmm♥♥but♥♥ but you promised me……♥♥you should release me……Ohhhhhh♥♥!!!coming♥!!!coming♥♥!!coming again!!♥♥"Her voice is soft and lewd, but she didn't refuse immediately.

He smiled triumphantly because he knew that Xiao didn't actually want to escape from the worm's stomach immediately, but only had this idea in mind.

"I did promised, but honey……are you sure you want to come out of there?"He said ,then his fingers gently scratched across the skin of the worm.

"Hmmmm♥♥♥♥Ummmm♥♥♥yeeeeeeeeee♥♥♥♥♥" She was orgasm again.

"Honey……It's only 30 minutes passed……"He whispered in her ear, "If you want…… You can continue to enjoy it at least 2 hours ! Even longer! "

"Uhhhhhh♥♥♥yeeeeeeeee♥♥mmmm♥♥two……two hours?!! ♥♥♥ummmmm♥♥♥" She was in a daze and then reached orgasm again.

This orgasm lasted for a whole minute before she slowly regained some energy.

She felt confused and a bit tired, as she gazed at the silhouette of her boyfriend outside the worm's body, unsure of what choice to make.

Be out of here? Of course not.

In fact, staying in the worm's stomach makes her feel very comfortable, from head to toe, every part feels comfortable and joyful.

The body fluid of the worm contains a large amount of anesthetics and aphrodisiacs, which makes her feel sensitive and soft all over. The powerful neurotoxin is enough to make her achieve orgasm by doing any small thing.

But if she stays inside the worm's stomach all the time and doesn't go out, she will always be in an orgasm, and every orgasm will make her more sensitive and powerless.

If she maintains this state and constantly climaxes, will her brain be damaged by strong stimulation?

Becoming a humanoid doll that only knows how to orgasm.

But……it's really very comfortable!She has never experienced such a wonderful orgasm before!

From head to foot, from inside to outside, from body to soul, Everything!

The pleasure brought by orgasm is enough to make her fly into the sky.

And when Xiao was hesitating, Xuanyin says again:
"Sure, except it, you have another choice! "
"If you could stay there for more than 3 hours, the pores on its surface will slowly close, and then you will quickly feel suffocate in its stomach!"


This is her favorite keyword, and she's even fascinated by it.

It's like there's an electric current passing through her body, her body began to twitch violently, and then a large amount of lustful water gushed out of her pussy.

Under the influence of neurotoxins with a sensitivity increase of thirty times, combined with aphrodisiac ingredients, she quickly achieved orgasm and even had three consecutive orgasms, tightly wrapped in the worm's stomach.

Taking this opportunity, he knew that she had lost her judgment and continued to seduce her, saying:

"Honey……Imagine……3 hours later……its pores closed, at that time, you will feel suffocate when you takes all the air inside its stomach."

"Then you will immediately experience orgasm, and even urinary incontinence, more and more!!"

"And when you want to go out of here, I will release you!"

"So……more comfortable experiences? or aother choice?"

When she heard his words, her sense of dryness and heat all over her, as well as her longing for suffocation, were immediately amplified tenfold.

Yes, she really like suffocation as long time.

She likes the feeling of wandering on the edge of life and death, feeling the joy and excitement beyond the limit.

The intuitive feeling of suffocation may not be comfortable, but during suffocation, the brain produces strong pleasure and stimulation due to hypoxia.

That's why many women like to experience sexual suffocation.

Sexual asphyxia can provide women with an unconventional orgasmic experience.

He knew she was about to surrender and fall into the abyss of desire with just one more simple helpness.

So his fingers kept moving on Xiao's body and slowly saying :

"Honey……If you come out of there now, I'm afraid you won't be able to experience your favorite suffocation~~yeah~~you know."

Xiao begins to pant rapidly ,and when she regained a bit of reason, she hesitated for a moment before answering somewhat shyly:

"Honey♥♥……You are a bad boy~~so bad♥♥"

When he heard this sentence, he immediately understood that she had agreed to his proposed plan.

That is to say, she really agreed to stay in the worm's stomach for three hours and experience the suffocation he described, even if she didn't know the consequences of doing so.

Only he knew that if she did, the worm would start digesting her after eating its FOOD for three hours!

The food is Xiao!A wonderful and delicious woman!

He picked up the remote control for the massage stick and set it to first gear.

"Mmmmmm♥♥???Hmmmm♥♥No……No please♥♥♥ummmmmm♥♥♥♥♥uhhhhhh♥♥♥yeeeeeeee♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!"She didn't even have time to think,

She didn't even have time to think, and the massage stick that had already been stuffed into her pussy before entering the worm's stomach suddenly began to vibrate violently.


She will climax when she wriggles, and she can't bear the stimulation at all.

The surface of the massage stick has many protruding particles that rub against the folds and sensitive spots inside her pussy.

They didn't even give her any chance and immediately sent her to orgasm.

"Yeeeeeeeeeee♥♥♥Uhhhhh!!!!♥♥♥Uhhhh♥♥♥coming!!!♥♥♥oh!!!yes!!!oh♥♥♥♥uhhhhh♥♥♥no♥♥♥No♥♥♥honey♥♥♥stop it!!♥♥♥♥♥"

"Uhhhh♥♥♥♥I'm coming!!!!!♥♥♥coming!!!♥♥coming again!!!!♥♥♥♥Ohhhhhh!!!!♥♥♥God!!!!♥♥♥♥No coming!!!♥♥No coming please ♥♥♥♥Uhhhhhhh♥♥♥♥"

"Fu……ck!♥♥♥♥Uhhhhhh♥♥♥♥mmmmm♥♥♥♥yeeeee♥♥♥♥NO♥♥♥♥♥God♥♥♥re……release me!!!♥♥♥Uhhhhh♥♥let me♥♥ ……out!!♥♥♥♥hmmmm♥♥uhhhh!!!♥♥coming!!!♥♥coming!!!!♥♥♥"

"Ha♥Ha♥♥uhhhhh♥ho……honey……♥♥please♥♥let♥♥me♥♥out!!!♥♥ohhhh god ♥♥♥♥♥fuck♥♥♥hentai♥♥♥uhhhhhh♥♥♥bad guy!!♥♥let ♥♥ me♥♥♥♥out♥♥♥♥!!!yeeeee!!!coming !!♥♥♥coming !!!!♥♥♥♥"

The dull and promiscuous screams continued one after another, and her facial expression had been deformed by the worm's flesh, making her unable to withstand the intense stimulation. Her slender legs tightened straight in the worm's stomach, causing her body to stiffen and twitch.

She could only constantly beg for mercy from him, praying that he could turn off the remote control and allow her to at least rest for a while, otherwise she might really burn her brain out due to too many orgasms.

But when he saw her trapped in orgasm, he had no intention of stopping fooling her.

"Mmmmmm♥♥♥♥Huhmmmmm♥♥uhhhhh♥♥yeeeeeeee♥♥♥ohhhhhh♥♥♥No please ♥♥♥♥♥No♥♥♥Stop it please♥♥♥uhhhhhh♥♥"

"HONEY♥♥♥♥please♥♥♥let me ♥♥♥out♥♥♥uhhhhhh♥♥♥At least♥♥♥♥let me ♥♥♥ have a rest♥♥♥Huhmmmmmm♥♥♥yeeeee♥♥♥♥"


In a few minutes, she has had no less than ten orgasms.She even feels a bit dehydrated, her body feels numb and out of control.

During this period, she struggled as hard as she could, seemingly trying to escape from the worm's stomach, but the worm's flesh was very strong and sturdy, and her delicate hands alone could not have succeeded.

The surface of the worm's skin was raised several times by her movements, but the strong resilience and reaction force pushed her limbs back, making her unable to move.

The stomach of a worm is like a sturdy prison of flesh and skin, permanently imprisoning her body inside, and it is impossible for her to escape from it.

The strong pressure and external atmospheric pressure are constantly squeezing her body, and a pair of thin and weak hands are firmly locked on both sides of her body

She tried to remove the massage stick from pussy, but failed.

Not to mention pulling it out, she can't even move her finger now.

This custom-made flesh prison is tighter than a vacuum bed, making it impossible for her to escape.

In this situation, the extreme sense of oppression and irresistible constraints stimulate her senses, pushing her to orgasm again and again.

She was originally a woman with a tendency towards Masochism, this feeling is a hundred times stronger than the bondage of a vacuum bed, making her soul almost melt.

Especially the mandatory orgasm, which gradually objectifies her personality, making her immersed in orgasm and unable to extricate herself.

The flesh walls around her body are constantly contracting and squeezing inward, and her struggle can only make the massage stick inside pussy sink deeper and deeper.The head of the massage stick kissed her cervix and then shook violently.

She had to be forced to orgasm again and again.

He fooled the beautiful girl in the worm's stomach with an evil smile on his face,

He fooled the beautiful girl in the worm's stomach with an evil smile on his face, repeatedly turning on and off the remote control, waiting for a few minutes after each turn, and then turning it on again.

This not only allows her to have a brief rest time, but also allows her to suddenly turn on the massage stick while she is not paying attention, causing her to fall into a sudden orgasm.Even urinary incontinence.


"Honey♥♥♥♥yeeeeeeee♥hmmmmm♥♥♥♥♥ahahahhahhh♥♥♥♥ummm♥♥hmmmm♥♥mmmmm♥♥♥coming!!!♥♥♥♥no coming please♥♥♥♥"

She can only accept these orgasms in vain, everything is amplifying her senses.

She didn't say it out loud, but she just wanted to get deeper and deeper in this happy abyss.


Time flies, two hours have passed quickly.

You can see inside the worm's body on the bed, Xiao's movements are only simple convulsions, and her collapsed state makes her unable to even make a sound.

Although she passed out several times during this period, she was forcibly awakened by him using a massage stick.

And he would occasionally adjust the massage stick to the second or third gear, which would quickly make her faint again.

It wasn't until he fooled her to the point where he couldn't even move his fingers that he satisfactorily turned off the massage stick and stopped tormenting the beautiful girl in the worm's stomach.

On the smooth surface of the worm, there is only a quiet humanoid outline and protrusion left.

She felt a bit difficult even to open her eyes in the worm's stomach, but the worm secreted more and more body fluids, which even began to affect her breathing.

"ummmmm♥♥♥♥ho……honey……♥♥uhhh……I want……♥let me♥out……I'm weak……I'm so……tired……uhhh……I feel terrile……please……let me……out……"

"ohhhh……♥♥♥uhhh♥♥♥it's wrong♥♥♥wait……hmmmm……I feel chest tightness……uhhhh♥♥♥uncomfortable……I……feel air is starting to decrease……"

"Honey……let me out……I……I don't want any more!!Please…… I don't have the strength anymore……ummmmm……Uhhhhhh♥♥♥♥No♥♥♥no again♥♥♥"

Before she finished speaking, he suddenly adjusted the massage stick to the third gear and said:

"Surprise Baby!!The massage stick in the third gear will continue to activate for 10 minutes!!And I will release you after 10 minutes!!"

"What!!Uhhhhhh♥♥♥♥No!!♥♥♥No again!!!♥♥♥♥Ohhhhhh♥♥♥let me out!!!♥♥♥Mmmmmmm♥♥♥Ohhhhhhh♥♥♥♥coming!!coming!!♥♥♥coming!!!♥♥♥♥"She was instantly stimulated to orgasm.

Urine and lewd water mixed into delicious juice, which sprayed out from her urethra and pussy, filling the entire worm's stomach with a foul smell of urine.

Ten minutes!!

She widened her eyes and showed an incredulous expression.

She has experienced countless orgasms in the past two hours and is already exhausted.

10 minutes? She may not be able to hold on for even a minute.

And the worm's stomach is getting wetter and wetter, with some of the fluid secreted by the worm, while the rest is her own lewd water, urine, and sweat.These mucus make her feel very uneasy.

It's just that she has lost her thinking ability because her senses are overloaded with the massage stick inside her pussy.

Her brain is almost down, leaving only a blank space.

She couldn't think anymore, as if her brain was pierced by a spear.

After three minutes, the girl in the worm's stomach had lost movement and Xuanyin immediately felt panicked.

"Oh my God!!Fuck!! "He screamed loudly and then moved the worm's mouth towards him. Then he took out the blue bottle and dropped the emetic into the worm's mouth.

After a while, the smooth skinned worm suddenly began to shake rapidly.

Then, the closed mouthparts of the worm suddenly opened wide, and its resilient body began to vomit violently, spitting out her head first.

Her expression was dull and unconscious, as if she had lost her soul. Her mouth was still spitting out bubbles, and a large amount of pungent liquid gushed out of the worm's body.

"Uhhhhh♥♥……yeeee♥♥……Ohhhhh♥♥……"When she was vomited out by the worm, she instinctively let out a wonderful sob, which was because the worm's vomiting action brought strong stimulation to her.

Although her eyes regained a slight radiance, they were still so empty that he felt afraid.

Subsequently, the worm slowly vomited out Xiao's shoulders, breasts, and arms.

The white liquid that had previously covered her seemed to have also been absorbed, her body is wrapped in a layer of saliva like mucus, as well as her own lewd water and urine.

The emetic effect of the blue potion made the worm vomit crazily. After it struggled to vomit out her round buttocks, it also vomited out her already wet and slender legs all at once.

During the process of spitting out her, the size of the worm slowly shrank at a visible rate to the naked eye, until it completely spit out her body. Within five minutes, its size returned to its original size, only about 30 centimeters.

Xiao's body was covered in strange saliva and bodily fluids, and her entire skin presented a very attractive pink color. The originally white pantyhose has been dyed yellow, and from the knees to the lower abdomen, you can smell a very pungent urine odor, which should be caused by urinary incontinence.

The entire room was filled with a promiscuous and pungent odor, and the worms, which had already regained their original shape, curled up in a ball, seeming very tired.

"Huh♥……Mmmmm♥♥Ohhhhhhh♥♥♥huh♥♥……mmmmm♥♥……"Although she has escaped from the worm's stomach, she is still emitting promiscuous gasps, which may take a long time to regain her sanity.

Even without any external stimulation, she still had several orgasms while panting. The splashing water and urine turned the sheets into a mess, and she had already been stimulated by pleasure to the point of losing her sanity and could only tremble reflexively.

Indeed, it seemed a bit overdone. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then looked at her body full of lascivious juice. He began to masturbate quickly.

"Oh……yes……yes……Ohhhhhhh!!!!" With a loud roar of excitement, a large amount of white liquid sprayed from the front of his glans, pouring onto her body.

He finally unloaded his inventory for a long time, his excitement began to dissipate, and then began to deal with the current mess.

After more than ten minutes, Xiao slowly regained some sanity, and then she pulled out the massage stick inside pussy and threw it out forcefully.

Subsequently, Xiao sat on the bed, hugging her legs and curling her head between them, crying.

She looked very pitiful, and he immediately felt remorse, so he approached her and prepared to touch her head.

But she seemed to sense his movements and suddenly lifted her head and grabbed his hand, then bit it hard.

"Uwwwww……Uhhh!Hurt!!! Oh oh oh!! I'm wrong!! wrong!!Honey!!Uwwww!!" He screamed loudly, even if she didn't actually bite hard.

"Fuck!! Hentai!! wuwuwuwuwuwu……" It wasn't until she bit out a clear row of teeth marks on his hand that she cried and cursed with crimson eyes, filled with grievances.

"Sorry baby, I won't do this again in the future!"He pretended to smile bitterly and said.

She suddenly turned her head to the other side, and the grievance in her eyes had disappeared without looking at him.

After calming down for a while, her face became a bit shy and rosy, and then she said:

"Mmmmm……Next……Next time……Be gentle……"

"What the……?!" He felt shocked and surprised, then showed a strange smile.

It seems that due to this wonderful experience, she has completely fallen into it.

Yes, of course so.


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And the Chapter 4 is Bad Ending.
Comment on Incredible Filamentous Worm Vore Story #3 ( Happy Ending)

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