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How Things Are Going

Posted by JuniperBerry 2 weeks ago


Ho god, I just need to take a break and write a journal in a place that's familiar. Setting up a new Deviantart, Fur Affinity, and private Discord server with contests and stuff all at the same time has been a LOT of work, but a lot of fun, too. I'm just trying to calm down before I get burnout, but I'll soon be putting out a list here, and on DA and FA, of all the free requests I'll be doing this year before opening the commission shop in January or so.

I still have a TON of drawings to upload. Years of work on another comic series that is being merged with Juniper's Story, so I have hundreds of non-vore character pieces I could put up here, then start on some vore comics of them, like I've always wanted to.

Then, I've only uploaded 143 of the 1000s of pictures I'll be putting on Deviantart, of pretty much all my vore from here, and all the old non-vore cartoons from before I got on Eka's, so it will be filling up with pictures right up until new year's! I already have a handful of paid subscribers and two photo shows of my face and feet in a few vorish scenarios, so if you want to check out my new Deviantart account that is currently exploding, it's right here:

Then there's the Fur Affinity, where I've only put up a few pictures and songs, and I'll only be uploading furry stuff there mostly, but there's 100s of those pictures too, so there's still a LOT to do there, but you can check out that account too:

So I will have three galleries that I upload to constantly from now on. Vore work for Eka's, and I'm slowly making everything available to "Everyone" this week, then the furry stuff will also be on Fur Affinity, and a bit of everything will go on Deviantart, and my subscription service with unique art and photos will run through that.

And last, is the Discord server, Juniper's Lair. I've got over 50 people there now, and several different roles with piles of channels now. We've added discussion channels for games and movie franchises, and kinks of course, along with bot games like counting, chess, connect four, etc. A few RP areas with a bot to help out, and contests anyone can join, drawing or making my characters in games or art programs. The higher tiers, which you can win in contests, earn, or buy through Deviantart, get you into special comic, photo, and discussion areas, to get into more kinky stuff and darker topics. You can join and get into all the free areas, and chat with everyone, play with the game bots and such. Everyone is welcome to join, here's your invite:

So, I have tons more work to do this and next month before I'm fully on track, but I'm enjoying this a lot!
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