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Spooky time has been extended here~!

Posted by MaximumImpulse 13 days ago


Mainly because my health issues have lost me time again and I have spooky art I want to finish!

I should be speaking with a medical professional for the next steps very soon so please don't worry about me~ We'll get things figured out ^^

There are currently no plans for a Thanksgiving YCH. I just haven't had the headspace to even think of anything like that, so I do apologize. There miiiiight be Christmas/holiday based YCH's next month but that is not for sure at the moment.

I do have a big plan for December aka my birthday month that I'm hoping against hope that I'll be able to do, and we can have fun with.

The grind is here and ongoing!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



I have been updating my Subscribestar quite a bit with content. There's some personal art that I won't post here, WIPS, art process timelapses, and early access to some finished art that hasn't been made public yet with more content going up (health depending) every week!
Only one tier at $5

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