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I found a local vore club

Posted by HarthkinMaxi 13 days ago


I hope I can still work nights
and the club isn't just open in the day.

i'm probably the youngest person there,
but not by very much.

found out my boss is a member
and some random guy in my local area.

i wonder who else might be there.

they meet up in a Games Workshop
but i think most of them don't play.

it's just a place to meet and talk.

i think there's a furniture store
that's somehow connected to it.

also the random local guy is nice.
too old for me but very patient.
he taught me a lot of stuff.

there's also like an Etsy community
that's somehow connected to this.

they have a logo
that looks like a shirt button.

it's some sort of calling card,
so if you wear like a lil tog of it
people who see it will know you're in.

i'm also not the only person
who works at Dominoes in the group.

there's a delivery driver
and a phone operator
so with me included
a chef
we could all work together
and have our own restaurant
or something.

they're based somewhere south of Glasgow,
but their meeting place is much nearer.

there's like 20 people there.
i can't wait to meet everyone.

they open in 2 hours.


apparently there's a person who makes fursuits.

they said they'd make me one for free
if i stay long enough in the club.


that's amazing.


I'm gonna make some Renpy games.
I'm in a good mood.


those guys
are probably members on here
aren't they?

i wonder what they're accounts are.


i should get a discord account.

everyone's on discord


being intersex is annoying
because people have to
make you either sex
to even function right.

these guys were weirdly chill with it.


i collected some stuff
i think they might like
to bring to the vore club.

it's kind of like a portfolio of me.

do you think that's overkill?
or maybe super nerdy?


there's a person there
who makes mobile apps.

says they can add apps to my phone
that'll make it easier to find vore stuff.

that sounds cool.


apparently there's this Australian dev team
that makes nothing but vore games
for mobile phones.

i mean,
they're shitty mobile games,
but it's still kinda cool.


i'm gonna go talk to my friends now
about all the cool stuff i found.

they should probably be waking up
about this time of day.


someone's trying to block me
from using my email account.

is there someone on Eka's Portal
who works for Verizon?


my phone says
the account that has the same address
as the Eka admin
is trying to hack my emails on my phone.

so someone is trolling me i swear.

i don't even think my phone
has the functionality
to even know if that's happening.

someone is sending me stupid spam.


aw damnit.
my email provider panicked
and now i have to wait 2 days
before they check the phone verification.

Verizon stinks.


i can't use twitch either.
that's a Verizon server.

and i can't use instagram or tumblr.

this is what happens
when monopolies own the world.

i have plenty to entertain me irl
for the next 2 days.


i dunno.
maybe Verizon
just has a hate boner for Discord.


my friends are stupid.
trying to ship me
with people from the vore club.

just because we have a common interest
doesn't mean i'm dating anyone from the club.

i can still get normal lovers.
i'm not that furry.


the anal vore forum on here
hasn't been updated
in 3 weeks.

so no-one into anal here then?


is the reason
there's no vore games on here
because Eka keeps banning game developers?

if that's the case,
i want to retract my statement
about making Renpy games.

i won't make any content.
i don't want to get banned.

i'll just browse and chat.

then again they say you get banned
if you post content on other websites.

it doesn't even have to be on here.

maybe it's best
just to use the normal vore websites
and not use this portal thing
but i've started
so i might as well give it a try
and if i get banned
i guess it's no skin off my nose.


wait a minute.

the logo of this portal thing.

is just a recolor of the old logo
that the normal vore place used to have
just with rabbit ears stuck on top.

well now i know
why everyone keeps getting banned.

i mean really?
eka was just like
"i'll make my own vore site
with guns and hookers".

it's a bit pathetic at least.

so is lavender
the hue opposite of green?

how juvenile.
and i'm 18 and said that.

i'm still gonna use this place.

better to have more options than less.

2005 huh?
nice coincidence.

artemis weeps.


people keep telling me
i look just like my mother used to look
back in 2005.

it's freaking me out.
there's to many similarities.
like in everything we do.

am i a clone or something?


i found the pic they used
for the ears.
they're legs lol.
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Posted by DoraThGurgle 13 days ago Report

This is the third time I've heard about the Dominos franchise connected to the vore community.

is there something i don't know about?

oh my god.

if you made your own vore themed restaurant that would be epic.

a free fursuit?!

you lucky little-

i'd also like to know who the guys are on here.

tell me what you find.

a vore app?

i wanna see that.

i think i know the australian guys you're talking about.

from my personal experience Verizon and Discord don't mix.

the forum in general here is kinda dead.


Posted by HarthkinMaxi 13 days ago Report

i'm learning a lot of stuff here.

we can talk in pm if you want to know more.

and yeah Verizon is no end of problems.