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1 MILLION Celebration idea box!

Posted by Voshine 12 days ago


Heya, we are only 50kish away from 1 million view sooo I decided to do something different this time around. Write any idea you want me to write down in the comments, who knows, I might just pick it up! No restrictions!
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Posted by miner249er 11 days ago Report

rough idea
Raiden Shogun is betrayed and eaten by Yae Miko
Oral vore
Cruel pred
Same Size
Assisted vore
Soul vore


Posted by nornboy 11 days ago Report

Miscellaneous D&D ideas.

Beholder eats an adventuress piece by piece, using heat-rays to slice off chunks of flesh and cauterize the wounds shut so the victim doesn’t bleed to death. Keeps the meat fresh longer.

An adventuress swallowed whole by a Displacer Beast seems to be floating in midair, squeezed into a fetal position and squirming, her skin turning an angry sunburnt red with digestive acid burns.

A fallen Drow priestess encounters her former victim who she transformed into a Drider during her rise to power. All that remained was his desire for revenge.

It'd make a risky but potentially profitable career for a thief. A sneaky and above all lucky women who sneaks into the nests of sleeping Owlbears to make off with pellets full of hair, bones and chainmail bikinis can be set for life after selling the indigestible magical items therein. Of course if she's unlucky she'll be a pellet herself.

An amazonian Beowulf retelling. A queen builds a hall of revelry for her warrioresses, only for it to attract a monster which treats it as a buffet until finally a foreign heroine shows up and promises to wrestle it to death naked. Turns out, she is strong, this means rather than simply devouring her, Grendel has found a mate who won't die of a broken pelvis and stretched orifices and soon they'll be packs of the monsters running around.


Posted by KimKibong 11 days ago Report

from highschool dxd fandom
Well there is an ova special where koneko becomes pervert and koneko offered to lick Rias, akeno ,asia,irina , Xenovia and Rossweiss out before they know they were all limp from her eating them . Apparently, she got taste of her preys as a pred and once they were all limp from koneko eating them , well… koneko devoured them one by one
and after devouring them pred teases them in her belly a sadistic way and she cant want to dispose her remains but she was caught by ravel,serafall,sona,Venelana Gremory and Tsubaki Shinra and she use her super strength and used her belly as weapon to knock them out and she them all and gets improved body but has to do massive disposal which she enjoy

same size,Oral vore,Betrayal,Cruel and tricked pred, digestion,scat,Weight gain,Unwilling prey, Fatal, Ass and chest expansion


Posted by nornboy 11 days ago Report

Overwatch ideas:

Tracer from Overwatch is fighting the mad max extras Junkers led by their Queen with her teammates, when a lucky blow hits her chronal accelerator, damaging it and rendering her unconscious with a powerful electrical shock. She wakes up to find her team has abandoned her and she’s been taken prisoner as a combination fucktoy and eventual cannibalistic snack. Eventually she learns the horrible truth behind why she wasn’t rescued, the accelerator’s damage meant that rather than rewinding her, it created a duplicate. As far as her teammates know, they did bring her home and they don’t realize they left a copy in Australia to die horribly. And the accelerator is still broken, after eating her, the Junkers just reactivate it and create another duplicate of Tracer as she was when she was first captured.

Sombra from Overwatch is captured by one of the criminal conspiracies she’d been infiltrating and they decide to recomp the money she stole by reselling her expensive cybernetics on the black market. After cutting out bits of her spine and cranium, the paralyzed, brain-damaged leftovers go to a mob-front restaurant to be covertly disposed of by being sold as “pork”. If she’s lucky, the chefs won’t decide to have fun first and to kill her before popping her into the oven or meatgrinder. She isn’t.


Posted by Leobracer 11 days ago Report

Yae Miko commissions a light novelist to write an erotica story about a shrine maiden, who is totally not Yae Miko herself, and a whopperflower.

The story starts out about a shrine maiden and a whopperflower seemingly falling in love and eventually having sex, and it ends with the shrine maiden willingly letting herself get eaten by the whopperflower.

And the more Yae Miko reads the story, the more and more she finds herself tempted to actually living out the story herself, in that she seeks out a whopperflower to make love with, and then let herself get eaten by it.


Posted by Vrwrite 10 days ago Report

Idea: A Giantess has been captured and restrained after going on a rampage that devoured hundreds of the kingdom's populations, and she has been sentenced to death by the princess as the king and queen were devoured. The giantess is confident they have no way to slay her it took all their forces to just restrain her. The princess comes in with two things a wizard and giant snake, the princess declares that she and this snake will become one and but her down her gullet. You can choose how they fuse but afterward she has her mightiest men and women hold her arms as she puts her mouth on the giantess's toes and tells them to pull her up this woman or she will split in half trying. It's a closes call but she does it devouring the giant and over the many weeks she is digested, she becomes the size of giant and very fat final killing the giant, but as result they have created a new very hungry giant that licks her lips looking at the neighboring kingdoms.


Posted by Vrwrite 10 days ago Report

Congratulations on a million views and hears to a million more.


Posted by Voshine 8 days ago Report

Thank you =)


Posted by Daiguey1 8 days ago Report

This idea is based on the anime Hellgirl, essentially someone would access a certain website late at night then type the names of every person they hate, not long after every one of them would encounter a girl that would go up and eat them completely, but as a repayment the user is eaten in about a year with no trace left behind


Posted by Ilikevorelmao 6 days ago Report

Not much but somthing to do with karara as pred.