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First-Person Writing...

Posted by Stalbon 9 years ago


...is my biggest fad right now.

It's something I've been experimenting with going on several years now, and you can see at least one of my stories is told from a first-person perspective (another is in the works, and just needs to be finished), and...I love writing in that style so much. The perspective's not always the best way to write, and I still very much enjoy a story written or told in third-person, but when you are in the mood, when you've got something on your mind and it's like a fever right behind your eyes, there's no better way to get it out.

First-person perspectives lets you EMOTE. You get to CHANNEL everything that the character is feeling almost exactly as if it were you in that situation. Pain, humiliation, love, anger, sadness...the primal lusts and needs and fears that exist are best portrayed through the eyes and thoughts of the character, not from an outside viewpoint. It tends to work best in a situation or environment that you are familiar with, i.e. modern times, city life, a school or university... That way, you're knowledgeable about the slang, the politics, the current events, and you can channel that into dialogue or inner thoughts to make things flow a lot better, and to make your reader feel a lot more comfortable, too.

My other fad right now? Medieval-fantasy political intrigue, ala Game of Thrones and my new favorite series, A Memory of Flames. <3
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Posted by Imrhys 9 years ago Report

I only recently finally tried out first person. It was the first time I ever wrote an entire story in one sitting. 5200 words. Now it needs major editing work because of plowing straight ahead like that, but I think doing it from first person helped the writing. First person works best for very intimate stories, and I don't just mean the sexual kind of intimate.

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Posted by Noki 9 years ago Report

I find 3rd person limited just as interesting. It's alllllllllllmost the same, because you are limited to one character. When I write, I always think of the situation as if I'm an outsider, but I like trying to limit myself to one person. I get in their head, but get the outside actions as well. :3 Just my two cents.

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Posted by sansuki 9 years ago Report

I also love first person writing. I use it, oh, about a third to a half of my stories here, a similar proportion of my non-fetish stuff elsewhere. It's really the... immediacy it conveys, taking one of the barriers between character and reader down really helps to pull them further into the story than third person does in my experience. Sometimes you want that. Sometimes you don't. And there's a tradeoff, because with first person you're shackled to one POV and you are by definition going to miss out on things your chosen character wouldn't think, and the reader has to know what the character knows (in lore-heavy settings, this leads to inconvenient exposition or awkward 'dramatic irony' more often than not). I still do love it, though.

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Posted by Rylar_Deathbringer 9 years ago Report

Writing in the first person seems more appealing the more I think about it. But I'd not try it in a role play, it could be distracting to someone who is trying to see from their own character's perspective rather than yours.

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