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What would you love to see in my gallery?

Posted by Kalnareff 10 years ago


The question is very simple and it's up to you to add some details and refs but i could pick on of the ideas if i'm bored.
And i'm curious to know more things about peoples watching me :3
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Posted by cows 10 years ago Report

any sketches that you do, it seems like alot of artists draw sketches and just never show them

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Posted by RenaAyama 10 years ago Report

Shove me up your butt!!! Sorry so wanted to say that for some reason xD Just kidding
but yeah, maybe some new awesome av or samesize stuff. At least this is what I love most from you.

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Posted by ilbv 10 years ago Report

Soft oral vore! :)

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Posted by RikuHidanza 10 years ago Report

Some anal vore or unbirth i'm not to picky i'd prefer f/f but ultimately anything is fine. Keep up the good work btw your artwork is awesome.

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Posted by Shadowpuma27 10 years ago Report

Well I love your pictures of you ether being pred or prey, you do the skin very well of those types of bodies. But i also liked the 'usefull friend' series. But in the end it is your choice, I love your work!

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Posted by acex007 10 years ago Report

your tummy bulges are the best X3 -giggles-

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Posted by SolidScale 10 years ago Report

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of things. Soooooooooo so many things I bet you'd do nicely~ :3

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Posted by Alexander_the_ant 10 years ago Report

I love many things. ^^ Though my favorites: Plant vore, feetsies (and you draw them well too!), belly bulges, in-stomach shots (usually non-digestion), cute rump views, blob vore, soft vore, insects... rubber/latex. :3 <3 And these are just some I like.

Though as a vote? Draw what your heart desire. <3

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Posted by acle 10 years ago Report

Maybe some more human same size? :)

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Posted by questionabletaste 10 years ago Report

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Usefull Friend series finished, and more stuff like that would be great

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Posted by sam1377 10 years ago Report

more cock vore !

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Posted by deleteduser301 10 years ago Report

Some F/m with some nice graphic digestion & full tour ending would be splendid. Of course do keep up the already awesome job that you do ^^

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Posted by ButtPlug 10 years ago Report

Forced Unbirth, Tail, Breast, Anal, or Oral Vore~
Like forced as in this Chick is having heated nymphatic surges

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Posted by Nornico 10 years ago Report

I like the way you do stomach bulges with someone inside but I also adore your internal shots and your CV :D

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Posted by Kitsune-Kajiru 10 years ago Report

Tough to say. You've done some amazing work, but ever since that art piece you did for Dice wolf I've been wondering about what other things you can do with fur characters. Especially scalies nomming furrs<3

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Posted by Mech__Warrior 10 years ago Report

More unbirth or cock vore! Or, you could continue the Blue Hole series.

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Posted by TheOutLookOne 10 years ago Report

More analvore comics ftw! :D

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Posted by Ranek 10 years ago Report

Analvore :D
And vore in general :D (prefered furry and sizeplay ^_^)

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Posted by Salo_Vorita 10 years ago Report

Your AV is some of the best I've seen. I demand MOAR! >:3
Oh, and more specifically, M/M is my fave~ :P

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Posted by tangent 10 years ago Report

Yesss, human same size would be lovely. You're quite skilled. c:

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Posted by gnume 10 years ago Report


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Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 10 years ago Report

how about mass effect vore? ;3 or... elite? lol

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Posted by TheDarkCollie 10 years ago Report


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Posted by zoid24 10 years ago Report

zoids vore

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Posted by Silhouette 10 years ago Report

I'm partial to herms, micros, and cock-vore~ Also interested in seeing the rest of the Blue Hole comic~

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Posted by Hawkster 10 years ago Report

I'd like to see some vorish female loppunys.

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Posted by random_biscuit 9 years ago Report

I would really love to see the continuation of the "Blue Hole" series, your art in them was astounding,

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Posted by SubterraDelta30 9 years ago Report

I would like to see a three page cock vore comic starring you. And a three page breast vore comic starring you please

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Posted by blastcap 9 years ago Report

It's always very important to know more things about people who watch you, so you know what they are watching for. Yes, yes, it all makes sense now...
But, for future reference, I like to see more internal shots. More cockvore is good too. If you want any ideas for stuff to draw, just ask me. I may not seem like it, but I'm very resourceful for suggestions and ideas (especially from anything from tv, video games, or movies).

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Posted by Reiko 9 years ago Report

Hmmmn fantasy setting, female frog-girl snapping up human/demi-human girls for food :3

Or just any F/F :D I love your stuff!!

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Posted by Vmax 9 years ago Report

Gonna cast my vote!
Maybe micro stuff, cock and booty vore :3
Or maybe a mini comic that has a herm that anal vores and cock vores at the same time! :0 also the herm kinda like gently (pushes like crazy :3) the cock vored guy into a girls booteh! :D

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Posted by Tieda 8 years ago Report

Non fatal UB comic with fatal AV at the end lol

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Posted by girls4meal 7 years ago Report

I usually enjoy f/f (multiple f is really arousing to make character big and sexy, so as making her belly sexy big), unbirth, anal vore, soft vore, h/f (don't mind herm cock vored a girl) even girl(s) gets to be Lady Kal's slut to woo, breast vore, big belly, absorption (breast and ass growth to make her super sexy) during soft digestion and bulges. Thought many yummy ideas for it. :P

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