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A time to Mourn

Posted by talonsaurn 9 years ago


After spending evening and early morning at the hospital the situation for my father has reached its end, after a long battle with cancer the death is imminent. The pneumonia was just to much for his body to fight off this time, the leukemia had run its course so thoroughly on his leukemia weakened condition there was almost nothing non cancerous left in the blood. Its been a marvel he has survived so long.. but even so the family here is feeling the shock. I'm sure the'll be many tough days for me in the future, as for my mother.. but life will go on.(probably won't reply here for a while, just taking a lot out of me to write this) He was a wonderful father and a great person
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Posted by Cougar 9 years ago Report


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Posted by haloronin 9 years ago Report

my heart felt condolences go toyou my friend, It's a time aof mourning, but , you shoudl feel happy for him as well, your pa is in a better place, and is waiting for you to come join him when it's your time as well

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