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Ravenous Lions Going to Anthro Con this Year

Posted by talonsaurn 9 years ago


It's official, Leo, Gallows, Posh and all the rest will be attending AC this year in Pittsburgh in mid June, Got my hotel settled yesterday. Got a good deal on one about half a mile away, wanted a solo room for my first time and couldn't just afford the on site

Why am I nervous with a slight mix of terror? Well I've always been painfully shy in person, and this will be the first time on a voyage since dad died, making it feel more scary. Guess there is always the fear about meeting folks you've never seen in person either, not much to be done about that.

In the end though I will be there, nice and cozy in a private room... filled with friends met and devoured , cuz whatever else a big lions gotta eat, shy or not.. best way to cure that shyness with folks is to have em inside where you don't have to make eye contact right?

Anyhow, expect curious lions to stalk con going friends in the coming months to find out more and more about things
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