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PATREON!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Posted 2 years ago
Hi guys!!!
Just wanted to give you this wonderful news! Soon I'll
be launching a Patreon page, and with it, I'm gonna be making a lot
of art, stay tuned

Much love! \n_n/ ♥
See you soon! ^_^ Posted 3 years ago
Hi friends
I know that I'm not posting too much lately, and that's because I'm having a hard time managing the commissions I'm doing, plus my real job and my life.

I thank you for all the AMAZING support you've been giving me since I've started this journey, but I have to tell you that I am going to pause producing work for this page for a bit.

And after I get through this phase of my life, I'll get right back into doing lots of vore art for you guys, until then I can only ask for patience.

Thank you once more guys, from the bottom of my heart, really <3

See you soon ^_^
Opening for commissions soon! Posted 3 years ago
So, I'm opening for commissions really soon, as such I would like to inform you of that so we can start talking about it!

I will be opening five commission slots and will start working on them when I'm finished with something I'm doing now,
please send me an e-mail if you want a commission, describing with all the details and references what you would like to see illustrated, so we can start negotiating the outcome of it.



Email: [email protected]

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Introducing myself! Posted 3 years ago
||| Hello! 1ZUMY here!! |||

Hello I'm 1ZUMY , so I better introduce myself
I am Vore Comic/Illustration artist, that appeared to please all vore lovers, the best I can!

Thank you ^_^

For a quick reply please e-mail me at

- [email protected] -

DEVIANTART-                 INSTAGRAM-
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