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Adam is Smashed! Posted 1 year ago
If you happened to be in the market for a vore-themed erotic romance novel (with zero dollars in your pocket and more free time than cents), AND you only like reading finished works, Adam Smasher is now complete in my gallery.

Now I have to figure out what do with all my free time.
ShoNoWriMo is complete! Posted 1 year ago
Sixty Thousand Words in twenty-eight days. It's pretty junky, but it's done! It's going to need a lot of shine and polish, but I'll start posting chapters sometime in March, after taking a little break.
NaNoWriMo - Round 2 Posted 1 year ago
Maybe this should be just be NoWriMo, since it's not national? Or ShoNoWriMo, for Shortest Novel Writing Month?

I really enjoyed last November's productivity. I felt like maybe writing a couple of shorts was cheating a bit - I hit the word count, but shorts have always been easier for me than novel format.

Well, I'm going to take another stab at it. February will be my ShoNoWriMo, and this time I'm going to try to crank out a proper novel. While not properly vore, it will be content appropriate to this site. Anyone feel like tackling a writing project alongside me?
NaNoWriMo Posted 2 years ago
Anybody else doing it this year?

I figured it was a good way to blow out some of the cobwebs. I'm tackling a couple of long-shorts instead of one novel, and so far I think it's going well (<finds some wood to knock on>.) They're both things intended to end up here, so hopefully over the next month I'll have a couple of multi-part stories to post.

My stories and art and fair use Posted 7 years ago
I reckon this blog will probably occupy this space for a good while, so it's the right message to leave up.

I've had a few people asking me about using particular pictures or character designs, etc., and here's my answer to that:

"You are free to use any of my art and stories in any way you wish, without compensation or notice to me, provided that it does not impinge on the intellectual property of others."

In other words:
  • If it is a commission or a gift, you need to ask the person/people whose characters are included in the work. You don't need my permission. You DO need theirs.
  • When in doubt, if it's in the 30 Days of Monster-Boys/Girls folders or in the Commissions/Gifts folder it probably includes...

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Anyone up for a brief Amazon review? Posted 7 years ago
I've recently posted updated copies of Cheating Life ( and Autumn's Hobby ( in the Amazon Kindle Store. They're here: ... B005O563BQ
and ... B00WJBE4ZK

If you've read the story here and enjoyed it and are willing to...
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A few small steps into the future Posted 7 years ago
Finally, I'm back to posting again! Even if Eka's Portal isn't much for vampires, it's still nice to have something fresh in the gallery.

I have another story lined up to post later in the week, and a coloring project to follow behind that, and then ANOTHER story to post after that! There were a couple of weeks of downtime in March due to illness, but overall it's been productive. I think Patreon is working out in that regard - it's just the right balance of accountability and pressure to keep me working, and it helps me to strike a middle ground between writing for myself, and writing what I think other people will want to read. This last story was something I did for myself, but the next two are straight from the last round of Patreon voting.

Speaking of which,...
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4ofSwords, now available in new Patreon flavor! Posted 7 years ago
Well, I've gone and set it up. There's a fair bit of backend work left to be done, but it's all administrative stuff that will be helpful for me anyway.

For those who don't yet know, Patreon is a venue where artists who make a living from their commissions (and artists, writers, musicians, etc. in general) increasingly go to generate a more steady stream of income while working on larger projects. Instead of commissions as usual, 'patrons' pledge a certain amount per month or per project (as in my case) to the artist so they'll continue to produce the work that they want to produce. It's very much like an ongoing kickstarter, especially in that there are often stretch goals, and the patrons are buying into an artist's vision, usually, instead of commissioning their skills to...
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2015, Commissions, and Patreon! Posted 7 years ago
2014 was good, and when I look back, I got a decent amount done! There were plenty of new stories, and plenty of new art, and I feel like I made a decent contribution to the community's content archives. A lot of that was through commissioning, which, frankly, I love. It doesn't pay that well (or, rather, I'm dreadfully slow), so drawing comes out to about $2/hour, and writing about $.50/hour, but fortunately I don't have to do either for a living! It makes for a bit of spending money for gifts I wouldn't be able to afford for the family otherwise, but most importantly, it lets me create something I *know* somebody is really interested in and will (hopefully) love. Having a guaranteed audience of one fan is often more rewarding than a wider, but very uncertain audience - especially since I...
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Sick Posted 7 years ago
Just an FYI for those who are waiting on something for me, the sickness that has been running around my house finally caught up with me. I might be a few days behind on output.