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Taking Commissions, in a VERY picky fashion Posted 1 month ago
Probably sounds a bit nuts coming from a guy that can't seem to get his own stories out, I know.

But I got in contact with someone related to commissioning a piece of art with their characters. That person asked me if I would mind taking a commission to write a story for them, with detailed bullet points of the target plot points they wanted hit.

I somehow got really into the prompt, and managed to pump it out in a week.

After that I have decided maybe taking structured commission ideas I like will help me get out of this writing funk and I can start pumping out Tom and Mary out.

So... commissions are tentatively open I guess? Info in the commission tab that has just sat there doing nothing.
Random ramblings and comic ideas. Posted 1 month ago
Hey, this guy again.

Time has passed since my last random ramble, and once again work and other shenanigans has kept me from getting the next Tom and Mary story out in a reasonable time... sorry about that.

And once more commissioned art has been filling up my gallery more than the writings that the art is derived from. Which is why now late at night I am musing. Would I be able to get the story along if I started commissioning comics with me providing the scripts? I have no clue. Honestly I would love to be able to have Tom and Mary's hijinks be available to even more people. But comics obviously are a different beast than stories.

Would I be able to provide decent comic 'scripts' when my writing does take place in the characters heads a bit? Is the...
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Do You Have Questions for My Characters and Other Ramblings Posted 6 months ago
With my latest post I realized I now have more Tom and Mary art than stories. Gonna try and fix that, and already started on a rough of the next chapter as well as a side thing.

BUT I also want to ask anyone that actually reads these if you have any questions about any of the characters from my stories. Or questions for the characters themselves.

I love when an artist has their OC answer questions, and though I will not pretend to be an artist I can at least come up with answers that would be in character. Who knows, might even commission some of them into art sketches.

So... yeah. If you have a question for any of my story characters or for me about the stories just drop them here and I'll do something with them.
Sorta Kinda Back, and Things Going Forward. Posted 8 months ago
Pretty sure I am using these Blogposts wrong, but here is another little ramble from me.

Things are still hectic and busy, so stories aren't gonna likely be sped out as fast as I'd like. But at least for Tom and Mary I have a list of story ideas in a general 'timeline' I can pick from to help prevent outright writer's block.

Planning on having in-story time gaps between the Tom and Mary 'chapters' be a bit longer. The previous chapters were just 3 straight days of 'average life' for the two, so now I think it is good to be able to skip the 'monotonous' parts to jump straight to more interesting tidbits. I'm not gonna skip 5 years ahead all of a sudden, or take the focus of the story away from the premise of 'slice of life with a futa and the friend stuck in her...
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Back to writing. Posted 1 year ago
Well after some hectic times I finally think I am back to where I should have been writing wise.
I have wriiten a bunch of random silly ideas for Tom and Mary stories, organized them into timeline of sorts, stocked up some fun side ideas for a rainy day, and have actually started on the next Tom and Mary chapter.

Also, might have a fun art thing to share eventually.

So look forward to all that, and everyone stay safe considering how crazy the world has been.
Some Thank Yous, and Requests Posted 1 year ago
When I posted my first story, I would have been really happy just to have a couple of views without people saying they were terrible. But apparently some people actually like them. So I'll try and do my best to keep doing whatever it is that made these first two work.

So thanks to everyone for the kind words and faves. Means a lot.

Also, I decided to say I am open to requests. If you have a fun idea and wonder what my spin on it would look like, just pop me a PM. It doesn't mean I 100% WILL write something about it, but the worst thing that will happen is... nothing. So feel free to ask.